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Exposing your skin to too much ultra violet light through sun exposure can result in sun damage and an array of different types of hyperpigmentation. These can include pigmented marks, liver spots or sun spots. Without effective treatment some of these can become cancerous so it is essential that you have your sun spots check out by an experienced clinician if you have any concerns about them.

All doctors practicing at the clinic have a specialist interest in dermatology and extensive experience of working in hospital dermatology departments. Dr Vajpeyi, the clinic’s principle doctor, also runs an award winning NHS dermatology service that operates clinics throughout London (Laing & Buisson; Independent Healthcare Awards 2013; Winner). This wealth of experience ensures you receive the very best treatment, whatever condition you present with at the clinic.

How do we treat your sun damaged skin?

There are lots of ways of treating sun damage skin and sun spots. These range from using topical treatments like our Obagi range right through to minor surgery with histology testing where appropriate. It really does depend on the type of condition that your present with at the clinic and the result you are looking to achieve. If for example it is essential you are left with no scarring you could discuss the suitability of our scar free techniques like Photo Dynamic Therapy.

During your consultation with your clinician a number of treatment options will be discussed and the most appropriate course of action agreed. Where histology testing is required a samples will be sent off and the results explained to you once received by the clinic; normally within 48 hours of dispatch.

The treatment feels like a warm, tingle – similar to pins and needles – the results are life-changing.

Iontophoresis is very affordable – and, if your sweaty hands, feet or armpits are causing you stress, worth exploring.

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