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Brigstock Academy

Courses for aspiring Laser Technicians and Aesthetic Doctors

The aesthetic industry in the UK is flourishing and interest in these treatments is growing every year. To support aspiring Laser Technicians and Aesthetic Doctors, Brigstock Academy offers a number of top quality courses.

These cover wrinkle reduction injection and laser treatments and are provided by accredited Aesthetic Nurse Rozina and Dr Nilu. Between them, they have over 35 years’ experience of the industry and the needs of clients.

Our clinic has a top level reputation for excellence and a focus on delivering client satisfaction. We do this by guaranteeing both satisfaction and results. So you can be assured that Brigstock Academy’s tutors are well qualified to teach you the skills you need for a rewarding career in aesthetics.

The courses will give you the edge you need. Because in today’s highly competitive aesthetic market, just knowing how to provide the treatments isn’t enough. We will help you achieve the highest levels of excellence and success, defined by the results and satisfaction you are able to deliver.

So you fully understand the level of expertise at which we teach, please check out the clinic’s reputation here.

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