Careers at Brigstock Skin & Laser

If you are looking for a team that really cares about your personal growth and will support you through thick and thin, Brigstock Skin and Laser could be the employer for you.

As our clinic continues to grow we’re looking for talented, caring and fun individuals who really want to provide the very best service and results possible to the clients we serve.

Within a collaborative team culture of support, fun and positivity you will be rewarded through excellent rates of pay, bonuses and prizes based upon your and your team’s performance.

This award-winning company truly believes that the service we provide only becomes more valuable when its team members become more valuable through continuous personal and professional development. That’s why we continuously invest in every team member’s development and aspire to train them every working day of their employment at the centre.

If this sounds like you and the environment you want to work in give us a call today on 020 8683 6730 to find out about the opportunities currently available at South London’s most highly rated skin clinic.


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Watch what some of our team say…

Sadiyah Patel – Receptionist

I have been working at Brigstock Skin & Laser Centre Full time for over two years. It is a pleasure to be a part of this amazing team. The company has always made me feel valuable and that I am an asset to the business.

The team is friendly and supportive, and we work collaboratively to accomplish our goals. Management is fantastic, as they are always motivating and challenging us to reach higher, by making incentives available to us, which is always a bonus! I also find that the company is very nurturing as training and development is always made available to us and plays an important role in the company.

I find the one-to-one meetings immensely helpful, if I have any issues to discuss, I can discuss this on a one-to-one basis and management always try to find solutions to resolve the matter, this way I feel supported and comforted. I would love to continue to grow, discover and accumulate knowledge during my journey with Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre.

Taihesha Dixon – Clinical Technician

At Brigstock Skin and Laser clinic customer service is paramount. Our belief is in transparency of our employees, services and customers alike are greatly valued.
At BSL we endeavour that your journey with us whether that maybe medical, cosmetic or minor treatments, you experience and knowing more about us and your desired treatment, assured that our clinic is safe, equipped with the best technology to suit your needs.

It is important that patients and clients feel welcome, connected and happy from their first consultation and throughout their entire treatment and appointments. It is also important that appointments are enjoyable and that patients see results.

Our dedicated, professional and experienced clinicians mirror the company values which we stand firm on, this is to deliver an authentic, flexible and for our clients to be proud of their skin. And with that in mind delivering the best aesthetic services and treatments within the South London area.

Money isn’t our focus, results are. We’re here to serve you!

Elham Salamani – Clinical Technician

The culture at Brigstock Skin and Laser clinic has encouraged all of us to work as a close and compassionate team, which I believe is a major reason for our success.

We have been cheered continuously by our management team to engage with our customers and colleagues with confidence. They do not let that engagement go unnoticed due to their positive and high achieving atmosphere, and as a result we get rewarded for those efforts. This stems back to their caring and inclusive leadership, which has brought out the best in us and has led us to provide quality care and cost-effective treatment.

Brigstock Skin and Laser Clinic always ensures us workers to speak up, participate, and to address any ideas and improvements to the whole team through meetings. These experiences within our work culture have brought all of us together and has encouraged us to work smoother, which has ultimately created that strong bond between us.

Varsha Nagar – Clinical Technician

At Brigstock Skin and Laser Clinic there are many perks we all benefit from; incentives that are rewarded with Amazon and M&S vouchers, fruit delivered regularly, and vitamin D supplements provided to help with wellbeing. We also have an outside courtyard where we can exercise with skipping ropes during our breaks, which has been great when gyms have been closed over lockdown. We’re also occasionally rewarded as a team with dinners, and spa weekends, which is a great treat!

Crucially, the Clinic fosters an inclusive setting where staff have an opportunity to contribute to the workplace atmosphere, with regular forums and meetings to suggest ways of improving the culture. This allows everyone to have a voice and be heard, which is one of the many reasons there is such low staff turnover. Happy staff means happy customers, and the outstanding reviews on Google is a testament to this!

The most important thing is, and always will be, the love and respect we have for each other. One of the best teams I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Rozina Hassan-Kabani- Aesthetic Nurse

To me the following describes the culture at Brigstock Skin and Laser:
Friendly: employees engage with one another in a positive way throughout the workday and formally once a week in team meetings.
Challenging: employees are encouraged to explore the full potential of their skill sets, and that they’re likely to grow through the job experience. This is done by encouraging daily self-study sessions, weekly training and other training sessions as needed.
Motivating: the company is inspiring, and employees feel compelled to work hard, with the daily PIPs, use of scripts, and end of quarter events.
Engaging: employees are invested in their work because it speaks to their interests, bringing in new ways of building the team: Team ship rules, 1-2-1 mentoring sessions all help to engage employees.
Collaborative: employees and management teams work well together cross-functionally via weekly and quarterly Traction meetings to accomplish targets/ goals.
Autonomous: employees are trusted to have ownership over their work and that they have individual power to improve results, by using their own initiative.

Tidora Malke Zardo – Clinical Technician

The reason I love working at Brigstock skin and laser is the team. We have this amazing connection where we all want the best for the team and always try to work together to achieve our targets. If one of us needs cover or help there is always someone from the team jumping in and helping out.

The management is a huge support. Always there to support and help us in anyway we need.cAlways listening and taking onboard what we have to say and trying to work with us to achievecwhat we all want as a whole for the team and clinic.
And something to always look forward to are the perks that come with working in the clinic,cmay it be the everyday treats, bonuses or spa getaways.

The most important thing is, and always will be, the love and respect we have for each other. One of the best teams I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Moby Saumtally – Clinic Manager

I joined Brigstock Skin & Laser in November 2016 as Clinic Manager. Prior to joining BSL, I was asked as part of the recruitment process to comment on the Company values which are emotional Intelligence, Positivity, Accountability, Data Awareness and Professional Development.

I was sceptical about how these values are adhered to within the Company and whether it was just “lip service” as many other Companies do. I quickly realised that these values are very much embraced by the staff and there are many examples how these are implemented. I would like to take Professional Development as an example.

The organisation is led by Christian Lyons. Christian strongly believes in developing his staff and invests a lot of his own time and make resources available (e.g. a library with lots of management books) to ensure that the staff have the tools to deliver high quality services to our patients. Every member of staff is given paid time on a daily basis for self-study and this is ring fenced in their daily diaries.

I have worked for many organisations and it’s the first time I have come across such commitment in professional development from the top of the organisation. I have never been a good reader but since joining BSL I have read around 20 books. This is due to the culture that exists in the company. I have greatly enhanced my knowledge. I wish I had joined BSL much earlier as I know I would have greatly benefitted.

Every Tuesday, one hour is dedicated specifically for training purposes when all BSL staff attend. Every member of staff has a training log to record all the training undertaken. Weekly 1-2-1 is held with each member of staff when training and development is on the agenda. The Senior Managers of the Company are invited to attend the annual two day Business Excellence Conference with all expenses paid.

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