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Do you guarantee your results?

Of course. All the treatments you receive at the clinic are covered by the Brigstock 7 point guarantee. Click here for full details. The main thrust of the guarantee is that we will treat you for free if you are not satisfied and cannot see results. It’s as simple as that. Some clinics offer cheap treatments. We guarantee you great value results.

Where is Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre?

The Centre is on the corner of Brigstock Road and Bensham Lane opposite the public library in Thornton Heath. Find out full address here.

Where can I park?

There is plenty of free on-street parking around the Centre.

Which treatment should I choose?

That is entirely up to you and what you are looking to achieve. During your initial free consultation your personal practitioner will complete your skin schedule. This assesses the areas of your skin that are of greatest priority and concern to you. As part of this process, you may also undergo a VISIA multispectral analyst so that you can obtain some objective measurements of your skin’s characteristics. Following this, you and your personal practitioner will discuss your options and come up with the most appropriate treatment care plan to achieve the best results for you.

How will I know if the treatment is suitable for me?

We’ll tell you. The clinic is CQC registered which means we uphold the highest medical standards of care. If a treatment is not suitable for you and your skin it is our professional obligation to inform you. Luckily it is not actually the treatments that patients really require, but rather specific results and improvements to their skin. Often the results you are looking for can be achieved with a number of different treatments, so it is often possible to find a suitable treatment for most patients.

How do I make a booking?

You can call and speak to one of the team on 020 8683 6730 or book online here.

Is there a booking fee?

All initial consultations are completely free of charge unless you are booking a dermatology consultation regarding a skin condition with one of the centre’s doctors.

What happens if I need to change a booking?

That’s absolutely fine, but do try to give us 48-hour notice. There is a £40 fee if patients cancel within 48 hours or simply do not show up for a doctor’s appointment.

How long do I have to wait between free consultations and treatment?

That depends. Some treatments require a patch test to be performed and at least 24-hours to elapse before beginning your treatments. Some treatments can be undertaken straight away. You’ll always be advised when you come to the clinic and given the most appropriate clinical advice on how quickly you can start.

Is there any obligation to buy anything at the free consultation?

Of course not. It’s a free, no obligation consultation.

Who would I see at Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre?

Normally a Personal Practitioner who assesses your needs will initially see you. If you’re looking for a clinical procedure like minor surgery, prescribed medication or wrinkle reduction injections you will need to be seen by a doctor. Clinical Technicians carry out many of the centre’s treatments like laser hair removal, microdermabrasion or IPL skin rejuvenation. If you’re undergoing a course of treatment you’ll be treated by one of the clinical technicians. Every two months you should be seen by one of the centre’s personal practitioners who will assess your needs and refer you on to an appropriate member of the clinical team. That could be one of the doctors or one of the clinical technicians depending on what it is you would like to achieve.

Will the same person do the treatment each time?

That’s entirely up to you. It certainly is best practice that you see the same clinical technician, personal practitioner or doctor. That way your clinician can develop a good understanding about you and your skin so that you achieve the best results. Occasionally, however, some clients will book themselves in with different clinical technicians if their usual technician’s availability is limited. This is allowed, but best practice is to be seen by the same person each time you visit the centre.

Can I go back to work straight after my treatment?

The vast majority of the treatments offered at the clinic have very little or no downtime at all. If you decide to proceed with a treatment with any downtime you will be informed before commencing.

Do you offer any discounts?

You can take advantage of discounted rates when you purchase a course of treatments. The more treatments you invest in the more you save. The clinic also runs a loyalty scheme for its patients and offers a 10% discount when you refer somebody to the clinic. On top of this we also run monthly offers too which you can find here.

What if I'm not happy with the results?

Tell us about it. Remember the clinic guarantees all your results with our 7-point guarantee. We will treat you for free if you are not satisfied and cannot see results. It’s as simple as that.

Call us now on 020 8683 6730 to find out more and book your complimentary consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our trained staff will take the time to understand what you want to accomplish aesthetically, then make recommendations accordingly.

What happens when you fill out this form?

Our promise to you

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After you fill out the form, an aesthetic specialist or technician will contact you within the next business day.

The first objective will be to understand your needs, then together develop a plan for your aesthetic requirements and provide you with pricing for your journey to a skin you can be proud of. No obligation. Just fill out this form to get the process started and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

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