Why Brigstock Skin & Laser?

Because we know it’s your results that matter…and it is this understanding that drives the way we deliver your treatments and the centre’s reputation for excellence.

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Because it’s your results that matter…

By constantly striving to ensure as many people as possible are as proud of their skin as they can be, by constantly focusing on their results and their satisfaction, Brigstock Skin and Laser has built a reputation you can be assured of. Check out for yourself our reviews and testimonials here. We have more reviews than any other clinic in South London.

When you buy a course of laser treatment we realise that by focusing on your results and by guaranteeing your satisfaction that we can offer you the best possible value for money. After all, when you invest in any aesthetic treatment it’s not the treatment you are buying but rather the silky smooth skin or the permanent removal of unwanted hair or whatever results it was you were looking to achieve. That focus on your results ensures you only receive the very highest standards of treatment from the most highly trained laser technicians, who receive scheduled weekly training updates continuously honing and mastering their skills.

 How we offer you the best possible value for money

Why Choose Us?


Because it’s your results that matter

By focusing on your results you are assured of the best possible value for money because you know you’ll never invest in treatments that don’t deliver you results and satisfaction.


Your results are guaranteed renowned

We’re so confident of the treatments we offer, we’re prepared to guarantee your results. You will see dramatic and measurable improvements in your skin within 18-weeks of beginning your bespoke treatment plan or you will receive your treatments for free.


 Highly trained clinicians and clinical technicians 

The centre is run by award winning doctors with a specialist interest in dermatology. The clinical technicians constantly train every week mastering their skills, ensuring you receive results you can be proud of.

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