Sagging Skin

Restore youthful definition to your face by eliminating sagging skin.

As part of the ageing process skin can often begin to sag. This is a result of your skin loosing its youthful elasticity as levels of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid diminish. Examples of the way sagging skin can present include:

• Sagging jowls
• Marionette lines
• Nose to mouth lines
• Neck Wrinkles
• Wrinkles on your décolletage
• Saggy eyebrows

The extent of you skin’s elasticity and consequently whether you are likely to develop any of these presentations, can often be determined by your genetics. Some studies have also suggested sleeping on your front or side can contribute to their development. Whilst much of this is down to luck or a lack of it, there are a number of things you can do to address sagging skin.

Avoiding sun damage and refraining from smoking can help maintain the elasticity of your skin. Other sensible precautions include maintaining a good diet, regular exercise and an effective skin maintenance program. As well as advising you on an appropriate preventative skin maintenance program, the team at Brigstock Skin and Laser can also treat jowls and sagging skin if they have already begun to appear.

Although best results are often achieved when a combination of treatments are used to treat the sagging skin, one of the most effective is a thread lift procedure. This amazing procedure uses specialist threads strategically placed to create tension, delivering an instant lift to your face without the need for expensive surgery.

The key to achieving outstanding aesthetic results is often determined by the experience of the technicians and clinicians who preform your treatments and procedures. Here at Brigstock Skin and laser the team is led by Dr Vajpeyi who also heads up a number of award winning NHS dermatology services across the South East of England. This emphasis on excellence and clients’ results has helped build our reputation. This along with our satisfaction guarantee provide you with assurance on our ability to deliver you outstanding results. Please also click here to check out the clinic’s reviews and testimonials which include many five star examples from clients who have achieved outstanding results at the clinic. To find out how the team can help you with your sagging skin please call the centre on 020 8683 6730.

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