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Moles, cysts, warts and skin tags

Put your trust in one of the clinic’s medical experts to clear your skin of unwanted moles, cysts or warts and give your skin a perfect unblemished look and feel.

Treatment fees

If you’re looking to clear your skin of unwanted warts, moles, cysts or skin tags, the award-winning doctor team at Brigstock Skin and Laser are able to treat you quickly and effectively. All the doctors who perform your procedure at the centre are expert doctors with a specialist interest in dermatology.

As a private clinic, we are able to offer prompt appointments 6 days a week according to availability. Depending on the type of lesion you present with we are able to offer you either cryotherapy or minor surgery options. Whatever type of lesion you have whether it is a wart, skin tag or mole and regardless of where it is on your body, be it your face or your back we can assure you an outstanding result.

Why should I get them removed?

You might want to have your moles, warts or cysts removed for a variety of reasons. You might feel it is a cosmetic issue and you might feel self-conscious by their appearance particularly if they are on your face. You might find they are uncomfortable and the removal of them would provide you with some relief from pain or discomfort.

You might also have concerns that the new lump could be something more sinister. If they are of the variety that is cancerous, removing them could be crucial to your health and well-being and we usually recommend that any lesion we excise is sent for histology testing. Of course, not all moles, cysts or warts are cancerous, but it is a good idea for you to get them checked by a specialist dermatological doctor like those at the Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre.


Treatments include


  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen – Cryotherapy
  • Minor surgery

Minor Surgery is a safe and routine procedure used to excise unwanted skin tags, moles and lesions. Procedures are carried out at the centre by doctors with a specialist interest in dermatology ensuring you get excellent clinical care and expertise.

Procedures typically take between twenty and thirty minutes depending on the type and number of lesions or skin tags being excised. A local anesthetic is normally injected into the area being treated prior to the procedure. A small stitch is used to close the incision and any slight scarring from this will fade over time. The clinic can also offer you further treatments to increase the rate at which this fades.

Once the procedure is finished the excised tissue is sent for testing at a histology laboratory. Results are received at the clinic and sent back to you within ten days of your procedure ensuring that you don’t have to wait too long for these results or a follow-up appointment if required.

Cryotherapy is ideal for removing warts and skin tags leaving you with perfectly smooth unblemished skin.

Cryotherapy literally means cold therapy and uses supercooled liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy unwanted tissue. The procedure is quick, effective and requires little or no downtime.

Cryotherapy can also be used for precancerous skin lesions like actinic keratoses in combination with histology testing.

Hyfrecation is a quick and easy procedure ideal for removing benign skin tags and other small lesions.

The procedure uses a low-powered electrical device that rapidly destroys the unwanted lesions by passing an electrical current through the tip of the hyfrecator when brought into contact with your skin.

Whilst procedures can be conducted without any anesthetic it is normal for emla cream to be used to numb your skin to minimise any discomfort from the procedure. Procedures normally take a few minutes at most and several lesions can be treated in one treatment session.

If you’re looking for reassurance or the diagnosis of a skin lesions, so you can learn how best to deal with it, you might want to consider a histology test.

Histology is often recommended when carrying out the excision of lesions. This ensures that any important follow-up procedures can be carried out if the histology report suggests that may be necessary.

The histology service at the clinic is fast and normally results are received and communicated back to patients within 10 days of your procedure. One of the clinic’s doctors with a specialist interest in dermatology reviews the results of the report and contacts patients immediately if a follow-up is ever required.

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