Whilst acne is one of the most common skin complaints and affects most people at some stage in their life, it isn’t a condition you just have to live with. Thankfully there are a variety of effective treatments that can deliver outstanding results providing you with beautifully clear unblemished skin.

Whilst acne is most closely associated with teenagers it can affect you at any stage of your life. The risks are particularly heightened when you experience hormonal changes, like during your menstrual cycle or menopause, as well as puberty.
As these hormonal changes take place your skin’s sebaceous glands situated in your skin’s pores begin to overproduce an oily substance called sebum. Whilst sebum is hugely beneficial, helping hydrate and lubricate your skin, overproduction clogs your pores with this and other debris, including dead skin cells and bacteria. It is this build-up that causes acne.

It can be important to control your acne, particularly if your acne is severe and you suffer from deep, inflamed pustules or cysts. If these are not treated they can cause pitted scarring sometimes referred to as ice pick scars. Although you can treat this type of scarring quite effectively, as we do here at the clinic, it clearly makes sense to avoid the scarring in the first place.

There are actually a number of different types of acne including acne rosacea, acne cosmetica and acne vulgaris. In addition to these varieties, acne spots can also present in different ways. These include blackheads, whitehead, pustules and cysts. The good news is that most types of active acne can be treated very effectively. Because of these different presentations, it is important to ensure your acne treatment plans are bespoke and devised by knowledgeable and experienced clinicians.

Here at Brigstock Skin and Laser, we have an experienced team of dermatology clinicians lead by Dr Vajpeyi. In addition, Dr Vajpeyi also heads up a number of award-winning NHS dermatology services across the South East of England. This clinical expertise ensures you excellent clinical advice which has helped build our reputation for outstanding results. Please also click here to check out the clinic’s reviews and testimonials which include many five star examples from clients who have achieved outstanding results at the clinic.

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