Facial Wrinkles

Brigstock Skin and Laser offers you an expansive range of treatments to counter your wrinkles and the ageing process.

All our doctors have a specialist interest in dermatology and have a huge amount of experience, working in hospital dermatology departments and running award winning dermatology services.

The clinic’s practitioners use this huge range of experience and knowledge to take a holistic approach to your skin that incorporates the very latest treatments and techniques, but also includes advice on diet, lifestyle and day-to-day skin maintenance techniques. Over time our technicians and practitioners develop a good understanding of you’re your skin and your requirements ensuring you get the treatments and advice you need to be proud of your skin.

As you age it is quite normal to develop wrinkles on your face, particularly around your eyes, on your forehead and your nasal labial folds. Wrinkles will also develop on other parts of your body. Typically the areas most commonly affected are those that are have been most exposed to sunlight.

These include your hands, face and décolleté. If you maintain a good diet, regular exercise and an effective skin maintenance regime this will help stem the development of wrinkles, but there are also a number of quick, simple and safe treatments that can help reduce and eliminate your wrinkles once they do appear.

Some types of facial wrinkles you can treat

  • Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids or fine lines and are associated with loss of elasticity
  • Dynamic Expression lines resulting from muscle movement
  • Gravitational folds – as the name implies are a result of gravity and occur as your skin becomes thinner and your dermal and subcutaneous layers lose volume.


Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre has a complete range of treatments offered by experienced and award winning doctors and clinical technicians.

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