Pigmentation problems

Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Lentigo and Freckles are examples of common pigmentation problems that can be effectively treated with a variety of treatments. Our team of experienced clinicians and technicians are able to treat all of these conditions and more, achieving exceptional results time and time again. Please read some of our Google testimonials for examples of the clear even-toned radiant skin clients have achieved following our treatment protocols.

Melanin is the pigment in your body that determines the colour of your eyes, hair and skin. People with darker skin have higher concentrations of melanin in their skin cells. When melanin is inconsistently distributed, it can result in uneven skin tones and patches of irregular pigmentation. This can occur for a variety of reasons. These include hormone imbalances, overexposure to the sun, acne, genetics or trauma through an injury.

These types of pigmentation problems can affect different people in different ways. Hyperpigmentation refers to various conditions where an increase in your skin’s melanin produces dark patches of skin. Hypopigmentation is a condition where the opposite occurs and your skin is affected by light patches.

Whatever your cause of concern Brigstock Skin and Laser has an extensive range of treatments to treat your pigmentation issues. All the doctors who work at the clinic have a specialist interest in dermatology and have many years experience of working within hospital dermatology departments. Dr Vajpeyi is the clinic’s lead clinician and also heads up award-winning NHS dermatology services in a number of London Boroughs. This recognised experience and expertise ensures that the treatments you receive produce excellent results.


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