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Clear flawless skin and freckles are not happy bedfellows. If you want to maintain a youthful appearance, clear evenly pigmented skin is an important feature. Freckles can be cute, but if you are one of those people who want them gone there are a number of simple treatments and maintenance programs to reduce their appearance. If you’d like to fade your freckles Brigstock Skin and Laser can help you.

Brigstock Skin and Laser centre is south London’s lead private medical skin clinic. All our doctors work in hospital dermatology departments and have a specialist interest in dermatology. The clinic’s principle also runs the award winning London NHS dermatology service Communitas Clinics (Laing & Buisson; Independent Healthcare Awards 2013; Winner). This level of experience and expertise ensures you receive the very highest standards of care at Brigstock Skin and Laser. Our mission is to make you proud of your skin.

Freckle treatments

Epehlidesis and lentigenes are the two main categories of freckles. Epehlidesis are the genetic freckles that tend to appear during the summer months and fade in the winter. If you have fair skin or red hair and green eyes you will probably be predisposed to this type of freckle. Lentigenes are the darker freckles that tend to result from sun damage associated with sunburn.

Brigstock Skin and Laaser Centre offer you a comprehensive range of treatments to fade your freckles. These include:

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