Pigmented lesions

If you are concerned about a pigmented lesion or mole that has recently appeared it is important that you have it checked by an experience doctor with a specialist interest in dermatology like the ones we have at our clinic.

Pigmented lesions/moles often appear as you get older as result or sun damage and are part of the normal aging process.  Most of these will be completely benign, but there are a number of skin cancers that appear as lesions and it is important that you have these removed as quickly as possible. Their removal is a popular treatment at the clinic we can remove yours in number of ways.

  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen – Cryotherapy
  • Minor surgery
  • Photodynamic Therapy – Scar free

Why should I get them removed?

If you have noticed that a new pigmented mole or lesion has recently appeared on an area of your skin it is important that you have it checked out by an experienced doctor with an interest in dermatology.

This is particularly important if it has appeared on an area of your skin that is often exposed to the sun, like your forearms or face. You might have concerns that the new lump could be cancerous, and if it is, removing it could be crucial to your health and wellbeing.

We usually recommend that all lesions and moles we excise are sent for histology testing.  This is a precautionary measure to confirm the nature of the lump you have had removed and to confirm whether you will require further treatments.

Minor surgery Histology