IPL Laser Hair Removal for Men

Get rid of your unwanted hair and leave your skin permanently smooth with these fast and highly effective laser treatments. The clinic’s suite of Soprano Laser Machines offers you the fastest pain-free treatment in the industry. That means you won’t have to worry about waxing, shaving or plucking ever again.

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IPL Hair Removal for Men

The clinic treats many men who, just like you, are fed up with shaving rashes, unsightly excess hair and want to save time by permanently removing their unwanted hair. IPL works in a similar way as Laser and is just as effective. In fact, some prefer these IPL treatments because they don’t require the use of cooling gel.

You want to be confident in the way you look. Permanent IPL hair reduction offers you a practical, hassle-free solution to managing your unwanted male hair. Whether you suffer from shaving rash or you have excessive body hair, many men are now finding this once and for all solution can provide you with a sensible answer to a persistent problem.

The clinic typically treats areas on men like backs and shoulders, but many men also want their beard areas treated too particularly if they suffer from saving rashes or don’t want the hassle of maintaining the high beard area under the eye.

Some laser and IPL hair removal clinics will often charge you more for male hair removal treatments due to the increased thickness of men’s hair follicles. Some even refuse to treat difficult areas like your ears and nose. Not Brigstock Skin & Laser.

We treat all patients and all external areas. With our range of Laser and IPL machines, we can guarantee you the right treatment to suit your specific needs, whether you require virtually pain-free treatment on our Soprano Laser or our state of the art Sharplight IPL machines.

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