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How much do aesthetic treatments cost?

A Guide to Understanding Aesthetic Treatment Fees

Warning – do not buy anything until you have read this!


How much is your treatment going to cost is one of the first things many clients want to know before choosing an Aesthetic clinic. Whilst treatment fees are normally easy to locate on most clinics’ websites this doesn’t always give a good indication of the amount you’re likely to pay.

The reason for this is because it isn’t actually the treatment that most clients are looking for but rather the results those treatments will provide. So let’s say you are considering laser hair removal, it isn’t necessarily a course of 7 laser treatments you want. Rather it is the resultant removal of unwanted hair that those treatments will provide that you are actually looking for.

If the initial course of treatments you paid for didn’t result in the amount of hair removal you were hoping for, you may be tempted to purchase more treatments. This means that although the fees quoted on your chosen clinic’s website might have appeared very competitive you could end up paying much more than if you chose a clinic that guaranteed the results of your treatment and your satisfaction with those results. This principle applies for all aesthetic treatments because with any treatment it is not the treatment that you are actually buying but rather the result that that treatment will provide.

And those results can vary depending on a number of factors not least the skill of the technician and the quality of the machines used. Over the years the efficacy of the machines has improved enormously as the laser technology has developed. That said, it doesn’t matter how modern or technologically advanced the machines are if they are not operated by skilled technicians. It’s a little bit like putting an inexperienced racing driver into a top of the range formula one car and expecting them to win the Grand Prix. Without Lewis Hamilton, you’re just not going to get the results you’re looking for.

It is only with extensive training and experience of treating all skin types that a technician will develop the knowledge and experience to understand how to get the best results. And the best result is only achieved by using the correct energy levels and the correct rates of delivery of that energy considering the different skin types and the different thickness and density of hair. As well as possessing the knowledge and experience it is also important that your technician does not cut any corners when providing the treatment, reducing energy delivered, or reducing the treatment time.

So when choosing a clinic for your treatments, whilst the fees quoted on their website are an important consideration it’s a good idea to always review these alongside the clinic’s reviews and testimonials. This will give you the best indication as to how effective those fees are at achieving the results you hope to achieve. If in addition those results and your satisfaction are guaranteed you’re pretty much assured of great value.

Of course, Brigstock Skin and Laser does guarantee your results and satisfaction and hopefully, this article explains why we do. You can also review our many testimonials and 5-star google reviews here and judge for yourself the quality of treatment we provide and the satisfaction of our clients.

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