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I have a low pain threshold – just how painful are laser hair removal and aesthetic treatments?

Here we look at some of the more popular treatments you can have at a UK clinic and delve into the myths and reality about the pain sometimes associated with them.

Laser hair removal

Laser light has been with us since the 1960s, we’re all familiar with it in films – think Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Star Wars Death Star, killer robots in The Incredibles. It’s often seen as a weapon! But laser has been used for many decades for hair removal. But is it painful?

In the early days, probably! But over the years the treatment has become more and more refined. The latest laser machines have been designed to make hair removal more effective, and pain free.

As an example, Soprano’s newer machines use ICE cooling technology. What this means is that the part of the device that comes in contact with the skin is ice cold, keeping the skin’s surface comfortable while it targets the hair follicles under the skin with heat. The Soprano Titanium laser machine goes one step further with ICE Plus which combines TEC and Inverter cooling technologies to provide an additional element of cooling and comfort during a treatment.

It’s true that some part of the body are more sensitive than others, so if you’re having treatment on your underarm, bikini hair or upper lip, you may feel it a little more. But be reassured! It’s not actual pain, it’s just some discomfort. And nothing like the pain of waxing, tattooing or having a filling. Ouch.

There’s a second consideration – the skill of the person operating the machine. If your technician has plenty of experience using a top quality machine, then you are much more likely to have a comfortable treatment than if you opt for a clinic where less experienced staff use older machines. That’s not rocket science!

From £59 for a single treatment


Nobody actually likes having injections! For most of us we experience the prick of a needle early, with childhood vaccinations. As we grow up, injections become part of our lives, for travel , Covid band flu jabs, anaesthetics at the dentist. But many people remain slightly nervous of the sensation and concerned about feeling pain.

As with laser hair removal, the expertise, training and experience of the person delivering the treatment will go a long way to minimising the chance of feeling pain. And if you have regular treatments you’ll become used to the sensation and become more relaxed.

  • Wrinkle reduction

When you have treatment for wrinkle reduction, this does require injections to the face, which may sound daunting. But the needles used are really small, and most people say they feel very little, perhaps a momentary discomfort or a slight stinging sensation.

From £169 for a single treatment area

  • Dermal filler injections

Another treatment using injections, in this case to introduce fillers into the skin to add volume to areas of your face around lips and eyes, for example. Very similar to wrinkle reduction injections, most patients say they feel a slight prick as the needle enters the surface of the skin but that there’s no real sensation as the filler goes in.

From £199 for 0.55ml

  • Microneedling

The idea behind microneedling is that the body reacts to injury by self-repairing it, removing damaged collagen, elastin and other materials and replacing them anew. If the thought of injuring your skin shouts pain, be reassured that these are micro-injuries. In fact, the treatment is less invasive than lasers and dermabrasion. As with all treatments, different people experience different sensations, some people find it rather uncomfortable while others say they feel nothing at all.

From £229 for a single treatment


Designed to reveal more youthful skin underneath, microdermabrasion uses crystals which are passed over your skin to remove the top layer of your skin. Sound painful? Well it really isn’t! The micro crystals are tiny. The sensation is described as like your face being vacuumed, a cat’s tongue licking your skin or a slightly gritty facial, exfoliating but not scratchy. An experienced technician will know exactly the right pressure to apply to make the feeling as comfortable as possible.

From £69 for basic whole face

Common factor

With all of these treatments, the common factor is the skill and experience of the technician. A professional clinic will be up to date with the latest technology and equipment, and make sure that all staff receive appropriate and ongoing training. This is what will ensure that your treatment is comfortable and pain-free.

So before you book a treatment, do your research. Look at a few websites and see what the clinics say about their team members, equipment, quality controls and whether they have a results guarantee. Read reviews, both on the website and on independent review sites.

Many clinics offer a free initial appointment where you can discuss what you want to achieve, and they will advise which treatment or combination of treatments will work best for you. You can also talk through any anxiety you have about pain and after effects.

At Brigstock Skin & Laser Clinic we want all our clients to be pain free and satisfied with their treatment. If you’d like an initial chat or to book an appointment call us on 020 8683 6730 or book online NOW by clicking here

Please note that prices given are for single treatments. Depending on the treatment, even better value is available with Treatment Bundles!

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