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Which is the best laser hair removal machine; Candela Gentle Pro or the Soprano Titanium ICE?

Read this if you want to know the difference between laser hair removal machines!

If you’re thinking about using laser hair removal you’re probably already doing some research – very wise! You want to know you’re going to get the results you want, in the right timescale, for the right price, and without any pain.

One of the things you’ll come across is the variety of laser machines available. Here we discuss the difference between two of the most popular machines, Candela Gentle Pro and Soprano Titanium.

I keep reading about wavelengths – what does it mean?

Getting technical for a moment, the principle behind laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis. This matches a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration to ensure the best effect on the target (the hair follicle) with minimal effect on any surrounding tissue. References you’ll see may include:

  • Alexandrite – ideal for lighter skin and hair as well as fine hair.
  • Diode – works well on most skin types.
  • ND: YAG – good for darker skin and hair.
  • IPL – IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, it is pure light but has filters that give the same wavelength of light as lasers. For the purposes of hair removal, both laser light and IPL light work by exactly the same mechanism. The newer IPLs are much more comfortable and effective.

Which wavelengths do Candela Gentle Pro and Soprano Titanium use?

Candela is one of the best laser machines available. It uses two different wavelengths of light, Alexandrite and ND:YAG. This means that Candela is ideal to treat different hair types and different skin types.

The other top performer, Soprano Titanium, uses three different wavelengths of light, Alexandrite, ND-YAG plus Diode. Soprano is great for the removal of all types of hair from fine to coarse and different skin colours and skin types.

I’ve also seen that there are different treatment techniques, so what are these?

There are two different treatment techniques:

Shots – the laser energy is delivered in single shots to a small area before moving to the adjacent area.  Candela is a ‘per shot’ treatment and the spot size on this machine is big, so treatments are faster.

SHR (super hair removal) – the applicator is moved over the area and the laser flashes on at 10 times per second at a lower intensity. So rather than deliver a single shot, it allows energy and heat to build up. Soprano Titanium uses SHR and has the largest treatment head in the Soprano range. It is quicker than any other laser, so treatment times are shorter

Comfort comparison

Both Candela Gentle Pro and Soprano Titanium are virtually pain free.

Candela Gentle Pro uses cooling technology called DCD spray. This is a freezing agent which “freezes” and numbs your skin during laser treatments.

Soprano has the two modes, SHR and In Motion technology. In Motion uses a cool ice tip making the treatment very comfortable.

Which one is better?

There is no difference in the clinical outcome and both machines will give you good results. The key to getting the outcome you want is more to do with the clinic that you choose.

The experience of the laser technician will have the biggest impact on your results. So do your research and look for a clinic that scores high on:

  • Google, Trust Pilot and other review sites
  • Technician experience
  • Registration with a trusted quality body, such as CQC (Quality Care Commission)

At Brigstock Skin and Laser our experienced technicians constantly strive to make sure their skills and techniques ensure superb results for clients no matter what their hair type or skin colour.

We use the Soprano Titanium to ensure pain-free treatments and maximum comfort. Our own reviews will help you to set the standard you should look for when deciding which clinic to use. Just click here to read them.

And if you are interested in discussing your treatment aims with us, you can book your FREE initial consultation call now on 020 3820 4822 or click here.

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