Help! My skin is looking old – how can I rejuvenate it?

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Nature dictates that skin loses its youthful glow as we get older. But there’s no need to panic!

The way your skin ages depends not just on how we treat it, but also on genetics. All of us know someone whose skin seems to naturally remain wrinkle free and glowing. It’s okay to admit to feeling a little jealous. So what changes will you notice as you get older?


Most people manage to get into their 30s before noticing the first signs of aging on their faces. This is usually through changes in skin tone, one or two dark patches, and fine lines appearing around the eyes. Generally speaking, it will be you who is most aware of these changes.


When you hit your 40s, the changes will become more apparent. Smooth skin may become dull and any pigmentation from exposure to the sun is more pronounced. Lines around the eyes and mouth become more noticeable. And what about those frown lines – as much as your mum told you not to frown or it would become permanent, suddenly those lines are there! You may even notice that your skin has begun to sag.


This seems like a big number, and for your skin this can be when the way you have treated it in your youth will dramatically affect its appearance. Even if you smile lots, the corners of your mouth may start to turn down. Wrinkles between your nose and upper lip may deepen – especially if you are or have been a smoker. Age spots become more obvious.


When you turn 60, there’s all the above, and more! Skin can become crepey and discoloured – you may notice a slightly yellow hue, particularly if you have fair skin. Then there’s sagging skin and even deeper lines, extending beyond the eye and mouth area into the cheeks. Your jawline may lose its definition too.

So the big question is….

What can you do to rejuvenate skin?

Once the main choice, especially for older women, was surgery – the face lift. Although this is still an option, there are many other methods to look at. These include wrinkle reduction injections, chemical peels, fillers such as hyaluronic acid, skin needling, collagen or laser resurfacing. There are even filler treatments and threadlifts that can produce similar face lift results to surgery.

There are also ways of slowing the aging process and pepping up tired-looking skin without the need for injections or fillers. For example, you might consider a skincare system that you can manage yourself, at home. One popular option is Obagi Nu-Derm. There’s a clue in the name, as Nu-Derm can be translated as ‘new skin’. It’s a prescription-only system that delivers anti-aging results, reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.

Many skin care products that claim to be anti-aging only treat the surface of the skin, so while you may see a temporary improvement, it won’t be lasting. Obagi products actually penetrate deep into the skin’s layers, where the active ingredients target cells directly.

The Obagi Nu Derm System is formulated with prescription-strength ingredients (that’s why you need the system prescribed), including hydroquinone. This deters the production of tyrosine, which keeps melanin in check. The kit includes:

  • Obagi Gentle Cleanser
  • Obagi Toner
  • Obagi Clea
  • Obagi Exfoderm
  • Obagi Blender
  • Obagi Hydrate
  • Obagi Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum
  • A prescription strength of Tretinoin is used with this system and the strength of Tretinoin prescribed depends on your age and skin.

It’s usual to use the system for 16 weeks, but this will depend on the condition of your skin. Your clinician may ask you to continue for a longer period of time, up to 24 weeks. At the end of the treatment period you should see a more even skin tone with a reduction in wrinkles, fine lines and dark patches.

How do I get a prescription for Obagi?

You’ll need to make an appointment with a clinic. Reputable and experienced clinics will offer a free consultation, provide free reviews to support you while you’re using the system, and give a results guarantee. Check out our own results guarantee to see what you need to look for here.

Make sure your clinic has experienced clinicians who know the Obagi system and are up to date on training. Do your research and read reviews too – you’re welcome to take a look at reviews from our Obagi clients here. If you would like to find out more book your free consultation online now by clicking here or call us on 020 868 36730.

Is there anything I can do to slow aging in the first place?

If you are reading this and your skin is still youthful, heed advice to use sunscreen all the time, limit your skin’s exposure to the sun – and please, please stop smoking!

Put a good skin regime in place. Treat your skin gently, avoid very hot water, cleanse and tone, exfoliate, use face masks, moisturise! Your diet will also have an effect. Drink lots of water, avoid too much alcohol and caffeine, eat fresh fruit and veg and get plenty of sleep. If you put in the effort now, you’ll reap the rewards when you’re older.

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