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Both men and women suffer from excess hair growth. Men are typically concerned with hair growth on their backs and arms, but can often struggle with shaving if their beards are particularly dense and thick.

Women often expect to have very little facial and body hair, so excessive hair can be a problem particularly if you are predisposed to produce a lot of unwanted hair growth. If you have a hormonal condition like polycystic ovary syndrome (PSO) this can increase the amount of facial and body hair you produce, making the situation worse.

At Brigstock Skin and Laser we can offer you a number of different types of treatments whatever you skin and hair type. These include:

Virtually pain free laser hair removal

Intense pulsed light hair removal

Electrolysis hair removal

What happens during your treatment?

During your initial complimentary consultation you will received a patient pack outlining all the treatments we provide at the clinic and how we achieve our results. The pack also includes some example testimonials. Your clinical technician will take a full case history from you. The aim is to understand:

  • What treatments you may have already received
  • Do you have any health conditions we need to know about
  • If you are taking any medication
  • What you would like to achieve
  • Do you have any other concerns with regards to your skin as a whole

During your initial complimentary consultation you will also receive a free patch test of the area you intent to have treated using whichever machine we have established is the most appropriate machine for you. There is no obligation to proceed with treatment if you decide it’s not for you, but if like most patients who attend, you do decide you’d like to book a course of treatments there and then, you can do so.


London is perhaps one of the most multicultural cities in the world and when visiting the clinic you will find that we can treat all skin and hair types with a variety of machines. Plenty of other clinics provide these treatments with these same machines, but we pride ourselves on the results we achieve for you our client.  In fact we often treat patients who have had the same treatment at other clinics, but who only achieve the results they require when treated by us.

Ensuring you receive sufficient energy is essential if we are to permanently reduce your hair growth and make you proud of your skin. We don’t cut corners at Brigstock Skin and Laser. We’ve build our reputation on the results we achieve. If you take a look at our testimonials online and the handwritten ones we hold at the clinic you’ll see just how satisfied our clients are. Our mission is to make you proud of your skin.

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