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Your Brigstock Laser Hair Removal Treatments Just got quicker, more effective and even safer

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Your Brigstock Laser Hair Removal Treatments just got quicker, more effective and even safer. With the clinic’s introduction of the new Soprano ICE Platinum laser hair removal machine.

With more 5 star Google reviews than any other South London Clinic it is essential that your treatments are provided using the very latest and most effective technology possible. The introduction of this new top of the range machine, along with the clinic’s emphasis on customer service and the standard of technical training undertaken by your technicians are all part of our focus ensuring your treatments continue to be delivered in South London’s leading skin clinic.

The Soprano ICE Platinum is an updated version of the clinic’s old Soprano Laser machine. The old Soprano machine is still the “Rolls Royce” of laser machines offering virtually painless hair removal and excellent results. The new Platinum machine is just much much quicker. Most treatments are now able to be provided in half the time of the old machine; some even faster so you can get on with rest of your day quicker following each of your treatment sessions. The treatments are still virtually painless and now target 3 key areas of your hair follicles, ensuring greater effectiveness. The new Soprano machine still delivers excellent results on all skin types offering even more safety features.

The benefits of laser hair removal over shaving are still clear. The difference however in the amount of time you will spend removing hair is now greatly improved with this new machine.

Find out more about this latest state of the art laser machine and how much more time you will have available following your treatments by calling your technician today on 020 8683 6730.

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