Beating the Winter Skin Blues – four common problems and how you can fix them

Moving into a New Year after all the sparkle and glitter of all the festivities, we all want to look our best! But the winter months can take their toll, especially on our skin.

Here we look at some problems you may encounter and some ideas on how you can combat the effects of winter and make sure your skin looks the best it can be during 2023.

Common problems

  • Rosacea: if you have this condition, unfortunately, it may worsen during the winter months. This is due to the winter conditions such as cold winds and dry air, plus central heating at home or in the office.
  • Red, patchy, flaky skin: skin drying out over the winter months is fairly common. It can cause redness (different to rosacea) and sometimes your skin can even become rather sore.
  • Age spots and brown patches: during the summer months, when your skin becomes tanned, age spots and brown patches can become less noticeable. When your tan fades they will become more prominent again.
  • Sun and windburn: yes, it’s true, you can get sunburnt in the winter! And in high, cold winds, you may also experience windburn which can cause dry patches on your face.

What you can do

  • Rosacea: Options include IPL where the light generated by the IPL machine converts to heat which reduces visible blood vessels and redness; or skincare products which include several options from the Obagi range (a consultation is highly recommended for rosacea treatment to discuss your options). You can also try a humidifier in the home to create more moisture for your skin. Your GP might prescribe an antibiotic if your breakout is severe.
    • IPL treatments from £169
    • Obagi skincare prices on consultation
  • Age spots and brown patches: unfortunately these are permanent so if you don’t like them, there are several treatments you can try. For topical treatment, try prescription strength Obagi Nu Derm which includes a lightening product. Then there are chemical peels which remove the top layer of the skin, and IPL which helps break the pigmentation down.
    • Obagi Nu Derm (prescription only) from £59. Complete system £469
    • Chemical peels from £99
  • Red patchy skin: using a good moisturiser daily, such as Obagi Hydrate which has a non-irritating, non-sensitizing and allergy-tested formula and provides all day hydration. Try not to use very hot water when cleansing your face or having a shower as this will remove natural oils from your skin. Remember to continue drinking plenty of water through the winter, as you did in the summer.
  • Sun and windburn: keep using sunscreen throughout the winter – you may like to use a foundation with a high SPF, or a separate sunscreen such as Obagi Sun Shield SPF50, formulated for optimum UVA and UVB protection. Moisturising daily will help combat dry skin caused by windburn, but better still, protect your face using a scarf or, in very strong conditions, a balaclava!
    • Obagi Sun Shield SPF50 (Cool, Matte or Warm) £79

Pamper your skin

Even if you don’t experience any skin issues over the winter, this is a great time of year for pampering your skin.

  • Treat yourself to a home facial and take some time to relax.
  • Eat a healthy diet with plenty of yummy winter vegetables. Your skin will love you for it.
  • A decent night’s sleep is great for skin health so try to get 8 hours in if you can.

If you need help with your skin in winter

If you feel you do need help with a particular skincare issue this winter, a skin clinic with experienced clinicians will be able to advise you on products to try. You may need prescription-only products so look for a clinic that is able to offer this service.

Remember to do your research. Ideally look for a clinic that offers a results guarantee as this shows that they are committed to giving you the right treatment for your skin issues. It’s also a good idea to check out reviews as well.

You can read our own reviews for comparison and see what our results guarantee covers. If you’d like a general chat or to book an appointment with us at Brigstock Skin & Laser Clinic please call us on 020 8683 6730. You can also book online NOW by clicking here.

All details and prices accurate at time of publication. For up-to-date prices, please click here.

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