Two Ingredient, two minute Banana and Chocolate Ice Cream


3 x skinless frozen bananas
1 x tablespoon of raw cacao

Nutritionist Claire Williamson writes:

At the end of the day everybody is busy and although raw vegan cheesecakes decorated with delicate dried flowers look delicious, who the hell has time to make them?! That is why the aim of the game is to help our clients reduce sugar cravings and help them make healthy alternatives that take no time at all and leave them with ZERO FEELINGS OF DEPRIVATION. After all if you feel deprived healthy living is never going to last long term.

Many people are ice cream addicts, but the sugar and fat overload leaves them feeling guilty and miserable. So enter TWO INGREDIENT TWO MINUTE BANANA AND CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM. It tastes like Mr Whippy but has zero fat or added sugar!


  1. Put the bananas and cacao into a high speed blender. Whizz until smooth and creamy. Even more delicious topped with berries or nuts.That’s it! Enjoy!
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