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10 tips on how to prepare yourself for your laser hair removal treatment 

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Useful pointers if you have never had a laser hair removal treatment before

Once you’ve had your free consultation and patch test, you can book your first laser hair removal appointment. Here’s the top 10 tips on how to get the best out of your treatment and ensure you have the most comfortable experience.

1. You’ll need to shave before your treatment – this may sound strange, but by shaving a day or so before your treatment, the hair is encouraged to enter the active growing stage and this is what the laser targets. Try to have between 4-6 weeks full hair growth before your shave.

2. If the treatment is for your bikini area, you can avoid irritation from shaving by exfoliating two or three days before you shave, and by using a non-perfumed shaving product. Relaxed-wear cotton underwear is a good investment to ensure you stay cool and comfortable, particularly in sensitive areas. As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to wear loose, soft clothes which you feel comfortable in for your treatment.

3. Avoid other hair removal options including waxing, tweezers, epilators and chemical depilatories. These change the regular growth cycle so the laser may not be able to target the root of the hair, and the hair removal won’t be so successful. If you usually bleach your hair in the treatment area, you should stop doing this as soon as possible prior to your appointment. Laser works best on dark hairs because it ‘sees’ them better.

4. Ideally, avoid exposure of the treatment areas to the sun. If you cannot cover up your treatment area, a sunblock with at least SPF 30 is recommended – even if it’s not sunny! If your skin is already tanned, you’ll need to wait around four weeks for your appointment (and during that time, remember to cover up).

5. UV tanning beds should not be used for at least four weeks before your treatment. If you do use these, there is a risk that the laser may burn your skin. It might not sound obvious, but fake tan is best avoided too. If fake tan isn’t completely removed before your laser treatment it can have negative consequences.

6. Do not have wrinkle-reducing injections, dermal fillers, chemical peels and microdermabrasion in the treatment area for at least 14 days before your appointment.

7. Likewise, topical products such as hydroxy acids and retinols should be avoided for three days or more prior to treatment. These can cause photosensitivity and you may have a reaction – so instead use a neutral cleanser on areas that are to be treated.

8. Take a refreshing shower or bath prior to your appointment to ensure your skin is completely clean. Don’t use lotions, oils, creams or perfume – just good, old-fashioned water.

9. At your consultation, you will have been asked about any medications that you are taking. If these have changed since your consultation, or you are taking new medication, let the reception team know your treatment. And if possible, to ensure your comfort and confidence make your appointment for the week before your period is due or the week after it has finished.

10. Funnily enough, caffeine can increase sensitivity so although most of us enjoy a coffee in the morning, it may be better if you wait until after your treatment is complete before treating yourself to a flat white, cappuccino or skinny latte!

You will receive the best results and the most comfortable experience from your first laser hair removal treatment by using a clinic in which you have complete confidence. At Brigstock Skin and Laser we ensure you have all the information you need prior to your first treatment to assure you of the best possible results. Once you’ve made the right preparations for your treatment, it’s advisable to choose a clinic with modern up-to-date machines to ensure your comfort and results. You’ll feel safest in the hands of an experienced technician, so make sure to check your chosen clinic’s testimonials for evidence of this.

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