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 Taihesha – November’s Star Client Interview

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Taihesha now lives in Dubai but still raves about the results she achieved with the Obagi skincare system and other therapies during her time at the Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre. This month she will be telling you about her experience at the Centre.

Rather than the clinic telling you about the great treatments on offer and the fantastic results we’ve been able to achieve for our clients, this month Taihesha tells you about her own experience and the results she’s been able to achieve in her own words.

BSL: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Taihesha: Hello my name is Taihesha. I was born in Jamaica but I’ve been living in the UK for the past 15 years. I’ve recently migrated to Dubai. I’ve been living here for a year now and I’ve got a family of one so far and another one on the way. The reason for my interview today is to go into detail about how I was introduced to the Obagi products and how it’s changed my life immensely in every single way; positively. I will go into detail about how it works and how it has benefited me as a person in terms of my appearance. Obagi has helped my self-esteem positively and I just couldn’t imagine my life without it. I am still currently using part of the Obagi kit which is just wash and tone, sunscreen and serum C, because I love it so much and I just couldn’t imagine my life without using it.

BSL: How important is the health of your skin to you?

Taihesha: To be honest especially living here in Dubai and the sun, the temperature is constantly over 35 degrees and it’s very important for me to continually use the SPF 50. In the morning I’ll wake up, wash and tone and I’ll use the sunscreen. That’s very very important to me.

BSL: You worked at the Centre prior to receiving treatment, but it would be interesting to hear what attracted you to working here at the Centre?

Taihesha: What attracted me to working at the Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre? I was currently temping within the NHS for about 3 years prior to getting an interview. I came in, got the job and was initially working as a receptionist until I was approached by the manager who asked if I wanted to go expand my horizons. I was happy to take up a new role within the company. I started as a Laser Technician and was encouraged to go on a training course where the Obagi products were taught to you in detail; what they were for; how they help the skin; how they improve the skin. So you know it’s just from there really, why I was attracted to the company.

BSL: And what was the first treatment you received at Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre?

Taihesha: I was doing laser treatment for clients and obviously seeing how effective the Soprano machine was I started to have the treatments done on myself through other colleagues who were also training at the time.

BSL: So you started off with a laser hair removal treatment?

Taihesha: Yes

BSL: What was your favourite treatment you received at the Centre?

Taihesha: My favourite treatment…well, everybody’s dream is to be hair free when you’re female, so my favourite treatment would be the laser treatment that I was undergoing especially on areas such as your face which is constantly on show. Then your underarms and your bikini when you’re going on holiday and then your legs, so I would say the laser treatments for a starter were my most important treatments.

BSL: That surprises us because you always talk about the Obagi so much! How would you describe the results from your laser treatment?

Taihesha: Most of the time I’m so busy that I haven’t actually been able to do as many treatments on all areas as you recommend clients have, but I think it’s changed my features quite a lot in terms of my face; my sideburns. It’s done a remarkable job on my sideburns and also my underarms which I’m very very happy with. So those areas it’s worked really really well.

BSL: Fantastic! What treatments are you looking forward to using in the future?

Taihesha: I’m 33 years old now and I know Dr. Nilu has been really brilliant at doing wrinkle-reducing injections and fillers but I think I’m a little too young, especially since using the Obagi treatments – my skin is so tight! – so to be frank I think I look ten year’s younger already. In the future I would like to possibly try the wrinkle-reducing injections which Dr.Nilu is absolutely fantastic at doing. I know she’s become very popular in this important area, so I would like to try that one day.

BSL: So how would you describe the clinic to somebody who is considering treatments to their skin?

Taihesha: I would let them know the Brisgtock Skin and Laser Centre is quite central and it’s really easy to get to. They’ve got dedicated staff and are very educational in the way they introduce and dispense their treatments, products and services to the public. The Centre’s treatments are also overseen by the Care Quality Commission and there’s information on the website about that. They can rest assured they are in safe hands and their skin will be taken care of.

After Obagi without any makeup

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