Social distancing has changed us…here’s how you can use this time to change the health of your skin.

Why these weeks of social distancing offer you an ideal opportunity to improve the health of your skin.

The world has changed and we’re learning to live with a new normal. It’s surreal because although things have changed profoundly, the world does keep turning and despite the anxiety and worry about our loved ones (and indeed our own health) people are trying to get on with things as best they can. Despite the challenges, many people are using this time of isolation to achieve a whole range of things; to keep going; to change things for the better. Many people, for example, are throwing themselves into all sorts of projects like DIY, their gardens, growing vegetables or spring cleaning the house. Some are using the time to improve themselves by learning a language or getting fit. Well if you’re looking for something else to change and improve how would you like to use these remaining week’s of lockdown to improve the health of your skin?

The Obagi Nu Derm system allows you to get back the healthy, clear radiant skin of your youth. Whilst it is great for smoothing fine wrinkles and removing blemishes, peeling does occur during the treatment cycle. This peeling can result in downtime that normally requires extended explanations to friends and colleague who are interested in why your skin is peeling and the treatment you are undergoing. To reduce the peeling many people often reduce the number of active ingredients they are applying causing the results of the treatment to take a little longer.

Staying at home while the social distancing measures are still in place during this month of May means you don’t have to worry about the peeling process as much because we’re all social distancing. This means you can emerge at the other end of the lockdown period with beautiful, clear healthier skin.

If you’d like to find out more about the Obagi Nu Derm system and how you can use these last few weeks of lockdown to improve the health of your skin call the centre on 020 8683 6730.

Stay safe and be proud of your skin


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