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Sheila – January’s Star Client Interview 

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Brigstock Skin and Laser: Hello Sheila, do you want to start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Sheila Gaughan: I went to the Brigstock Clinic first of all because of pigmentation on my face. I live local; I’m from South Norwood and I’m a licensee and I’ve also created a website.

BSL: Ok. Do you want to tell us a little bit about that?

SG: The website is for bars, pubs and clubs and it gives up to date information on everything that’s going on. It also offers things like pub credits which can be bought from anywhere in the world and spent in any pub on the “Great Night Out” website immediately. This means that your cousin in Australia could buy you a drink right now and you could walk into my pub two minutes later and have that drink.

BSL: It sounds brilliant.

SG: Thanks. That’s the main feature of it, but also for pubs it catches on camera images so we can share information with other licensees about any criminal activity in their pubs. With police budgets being cut it’s no longer possible for them to visit pubs and warn us about criminals anymore. Schemes like Pub Watch are available and are great, but they’re very local and only apply to the immediate area. The problem with this is that many people committing the crimes are not from the local area. The website also provides a buying group for pub equipment drinks and allows licensees to share information on the website.

BSL: Wow. It sounds fascinating. I really like the idea of buying somebody a drink there and then in Australia. That’s a great idea.

SG: Yes and if somebody’s getting married and you want to buy them a drink, then it’s totally safe; all done over PayPal. So yeah, it’s a good idea, especially for presents.

BSL: Great. Should we talk about your skin then?

SG: Yes!

BSL: Obviously you’ve come to the clinic.

SG: I have. I love the clinic.

BSL: Thanks Shelia. That’s lovely to hear. Could you start by telling us how important the health of your skin is to you?

SG: I had pigmentation. I had a brown spot on my face for years and I went to another clinic to get rid of it and they didn’t. I know brown spots are notoriously hard to get rid of, but I stopped going there and started to look around for somewhere else.  Even though I live quite close and my business is in Thornton Heath, I never knew that Brigstock Skin and Laser was there. It was on a Google search that I found it and I started dealing with Rozina. She did my face and she made such an improvement to it. She used lots of different lasers and the texture of my skin felt great. I loved it and that’s how I met Dr. Nilu. So yeah, I think it’s very important to look after your skin and make sure it is well taken care of.

BSL: Ok, and what was it that attracted you to this clinic rather than any others?

SG: Well I was just trying it out in the beginning and it was the people I dealt with. Rozina was just lovely and she told me why I had this brown spot. I didn’t know why. The rest of my family haven’t got anything like that so I was always baffled why I got that and she was able to explain that to me which was great. The customer service is great. The people there are really friendly which is great because sometimes people are scared when they’re having a procedure done. And it’s great that your put at ease by the staff there.

BSL: What was the first treatment you had at the clinic with Rozina?

SG: She used a laser on my brown spot. And she did all my face with this. It was great; really, really good.

BSL: Have you had other treatments since then?

SG: I’ve had wrinkle-reducing injections a couple of times and when I met Dr. Nilu she asked if I would like to be in on a trial she was doing for the thread lifts. And I said yes.  I did know a bit about it, but I only knew about the one thread lift, so I looked into it and I was quite happy to try it out. And I’m glad I did.  Even though the price of is a lot of money for somebody to pay out – £1500 in total. After I had it done it was so worth it.

BSL: Was it?

SG: Yes. It is. It’s worth it. It’s a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong and many people haven’t got that kind of money to be throwing around, but it made a big difference to my face and jawline.

BSL: How would you describe the results then to somebody who doesn’t know about thread lifts?

SG: Well the procedure itself is totally painless. There is no pain whatsoever. There will be some pain afterwards. No, not pain; discomfort. I’d call it. You know you’ve had it done. You can be bruised, but I wasn’t and I bruise really easily. After about a week I got a bit of discolouration around one eye, but on the rest of the face, I didn’t have anything. You do have to take care in the beginning. You need to be careful not to have anything disturb your threads so you need to sleep on your back. I slept on my back for two or three days and there was slight discomfort. Sometimes if you touch the side of your face near your ear you feel the thread pull on your face, which is a bit weird, but as soon as you do it you can see the results straight away. I’ve always had a double chin. Regardless of what you weigh, that’s just my family. This made such a difference to my profile. Every woman has something that she doesn’t like or she wishes she could improve.

BSL: I think many men are the same.  It’s not just exclusive to women although they may be more vocal about it.

SG: Probably yes, men and women. Everyone has something. You see for a double chin there’s nothing really you can do for it. It’s there and that’s it, but this made such a difference. My jaw line was tightened up. I know you asked for photos, but I haven’t really got anything I could really show you that would show that in it.

BSL: Sure.

SG: I was so happy with it because it was something that I would never have done myself. It was only because Dr. Nilu asked, but it is really good. Sometimes as well at the corner of your eye and between your eyebrow your skin can go wrinkly there and isn’t anything that anybody can normally do about that either, but the threads in their really make a big difference.

BSL: It’s lovely to hear from somebody that’s so happy with the treatments that they’ve had. It’s great to hear you’ve had such a great result with it. That must have had an enormous effect on your confidence.

SG: I was never falling to pieces over it. Things like that just wouldn’t affect my confidence anyway. It was just something that I thought would never improve but it really really did. Even though you’ve seen before and after pictures. I always think are they really that good, but this really was that good. And it’s not under the knife. It took an hour, and half of that time was for the numbing cream to work. So it doesn’t take a long time. It doesn’t hurt and it really does make a big difference to your face.

BSL: That’s great to hear. Is that it now or are you looking forward to other treatments?

SG: Oh yeah. I will go back and have some more in a couple of year’s time. I think the threads last for two to three years depending on how you age yourself. That’s what I’m looking at. And I would definitely have it done again.

BSL: Fantastic stuff. How would you describe the clinic to somebody who knows nothing about us?

SG: I’ve already been telling my friends and family about the clinic.

BSL: Oh carry on doing that!

SG: (Laughing) Yeah I have. I just really like it. I really like Dr Nilu. She is just such a nice woman and she’s really helpful. The first time I went down there I think I went for muscle-relaxing injections, because it relieves my headaches. If I have muscle-relaxing injections I never get a headache at all. And I was going on holiday and I needed some before I went. And she saw the brown spot then and she said, “You know what? I might be able to do something about that. Come back in. Don’t worry you won’t have to pay. I’ll just see” and she didn’t even know me. I wasn’t even a regular customer. It was the first time I’d been in and she was like that. And I thought what a nice woman.

BSL: Well thank you very much, Sheila. You’ve made some lovely comments there.

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