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Avoiding trout pout and duck face

It’s amazing that minor C-list celebrities and WAGs have almost made this look fashionable. However, there is no getting away from the fact that over-filled lips, often referred to as Trout Pout or Duck Face, can look incredibly false and unattractive. A more natural and more beautiful look can be achieved quite easily with the expert use of fillers and other complementary treatments – working in harmony with the anatomy of your face.

Consider the likes of Meg Ryan, Abbey Crouch, Melanie Griffith or Patsy Kensit. All have ‘enhanced’ their lips, even though it’s hard to understand why they consider swollen lips an ‘enhancement’! It is accepted that sensuous full lips are associated with youth and fertility and it is true that your lips will generally tend to thin as you age, but as with all aesthetics, it is so important that any enhancements are naturally proportioned. There are a number of factors a trained aesthetic clinician will be mindful of when assessing your face. For example, the proportion of the upper to lower lips is very important when trying to create a beautiful lip, this should be about 40% volume in the top lip and 60% volume in the lower lip. We also assess the angles lips in profile – the so-called Steiner’s line – to ensure we produce a lip that is beautiful in profile too. By restoring the correct proportions a beautiful lip can be created for you. During all Brigstock consultations, a trained clinician assess all these factors whilst also considering your personal facial features, sizes and other ratios to ensure that the treatment produces a beautifully enhanced lip appropriate for you.

One of the reasons that women are tempted to have their lips overfilled is to eradicate the fine vertical lines that develop around the lips often referred to smokers’ lines. It is true that fillers can improve smoker’s lines. What most people do not realise is that your lips do not need to be overfilled to smooth them out. Other treatments such as threadlifting, IPL skin rejuvenation and even skin peels can all be used effectively to remove this type of wrinkle.

One of the reasons complementary treatments, like these are not offered to women is due in part to use of fillers being unregulated. Unregulated non-clinical practitioners can only administer fillers and are not able to offer regulated treatments like threadlifts. The only tool available to them is the dermal filler, which in this case is rather a blunt instrument and can lead to overfilling. Much better results are achieved when a more holistic approach is taken and bespoke treatments more suited to the conditions being treated and the individual’s facial anatomy are considered and applied where appropriate.

Remember when producing a beautiful lip that is in proportion with the rest of your face less is often more. Always choose a clinician that takes the time to assess your features and creates a plan that will truly enhance you.

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