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South London's leading medical skin clinic

Our mission is to make you proud of your skin by providing you the most advanced beauty and skin care treatments available. These include the very latest laser treatments, injectable aesthetics, surgical procedures and advanced skin diagnostics.



  • Your Free VIP Jane Iredale makeover – October 28th

    Your Free VIP Jane Iredale makeover – October 28th

    To register your interest in this exclusive free VIP makeover from one of the professional Jane Iredale make-up artists please enter your details in the form at the bottom of this page. During your 40 minute VIP makeover the Jane Iredale make-up artists will show you how best to apply your make up, what worksRead more →

  • Perfect Purple Potato Mash

    Perfect Purple Potato Mash

    This crazy looking side is perfect with most meats and great for convincing the kids to eat some quality vegetables. This recipe does contain butter which is controversial as I don’t normally recommend dairy. Butter however is largely absent of the dangerous proteins BCM 7 and casein. These proteins are thought to be altered byRead more →

  • Sugar, Wheat and Dairy Free Carrot Cake

    Sugar, Wheat and Dairy Free Carrot Cake

    This is a really moist carrot cake that’s quick and easy to prepare and goes well with fresh berries. There’s no refined sugar in this cake so it isn’t too sweet, but you can add more dates if you wish. The carrots are full of beta-carotene which has been linked to reduced risk of cardiovascularRead more →


  • T. Gladwin

  • Miss P Patel

    “In all honesty I can truly say that Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre have delivered the most exceptional laser hair removal service that I have experienced to date.

    I do admit that I was a bit skeptical at first as I had not heard of them neither was I given a personal recommendation. The advantage of this clinic being local and initially being provided with a very helpful consultation and a free patch test with senior laser technician ‘Varsha’ was definitely encouraging and I felt it was worth while going forward with treatment.

    I have had previous experience of laser hair treatment with the renowned Skin Clinic who are governed by the Care Quality Commission and the Independent Health Advisory Service. At the time, i was given a personal recommendation for Skin during a consultation with a leading dermatologist in the NHS who was also a medical director at Skin.
    However, the service i received at Skin is not one I would like to remember nor recommend. Hence why I choose to find another laser hair removal clinic where the technicians were better qualified and fortunately enough I discovered Brigstock Skin & Laser.

    Varsha at Brigstock Laser has kindly been providing me with my treatments for laser hair removal. She is very professional, clinically attentive, kind-natured & patient during our time in clinic. She has also fully taken into consideration my personal medical needs which we privately discussed in our initial consultation which has been very important in making me feel comfortable at all times.

    I will continue to use Brigstock Laser Clinic for treatments in the near future and I highly recommend the centre for laser hair removal services for those who are also considering it.”

  • Johanna Sukumar

    “At first I was very hesitant to get laser hair removal done due to any side effects it may cause and the chance of it being painful. However after having had my consultation where I had a patch test done and all my questions were answered I was reassured and so decided to go ahead with booking an appointment for my first laser treatment. I decided to buy a course of 6 treatments to start with, and with the extend of offers available at the surgery this financially worked out very well for me.

    I have now completed at least 6 treatments and I am very happy with the result. My skin is much smoother and there is much less hair growth on the treated areas. As well as this I have realised that my skin is much fairer as the previous dark patches on my skin have now reduced and my skin tone is much more even throughout.

    During my time at Brigstock skin and laser centre my laser technician Ellie Salmani looked after me very well. She was always very professional but also very friendly, which made me feel at ease. She prepares the skin thoroughly during all appointments reducing any discomfort which I may otherwise experience. She also communicates with me while carrying out the procedure so I know what is going on which is comforting too.
    I highly recommend Brigstock skin and laser centre as I have had a very good experience there, not only does it give you a professional service but it also provides you with great results, and due to the variety and new offers available each month it doesn’t necessarily break the bank.

    Thank you”

  • Johnathon Kemp

    “Last week I visited Christian’s business, the Brigstock Skin & Laser Centre. I went to have a tattoo removed. After giving Christian the referral, I received a call from one of his staff almost immediately to arrange for an initial consultation.

    I was offered a range of appointment times so it was easy choosing a time that suited me.

    For the consultation I met with one of Christian’s staff, Rozina, who talked me through what the treatment would involve, pain control options and what result to expect.

    The treatment is laser based and Rozina did a test treatment on the tattoo so I knew what it would feel like and we could see if there was going to be any kind of reaction.

    I had the full treatment 2 weeks later.

    Rozina was thoroughly professional with a fantastic bedside manner. I’m not sure I was the easiest patient.

    While I was there, I met many of the staff and it seemed like a happy workplace.

    I highly recommend the Brigstock Centre. It is both friendly and professional.

    And if anyone is thinking of getting a tattoo -DON’T!”

  • Ellie S

    “Brigstock Skin and Laser Center was unknown to me, until I started researching the Soprano Laser which is particularly suited to Asian and dark skin type, however I was particularly happy when I discovered that the Centre is both local and part of a dermatological medical practice.

    I went along for a patch test with Ellie Salmani, who discussed my medical history with laser and performed a quick and painless patch test on the 2 areas I wanted treating.
    I have to say she is a true professional and furthermore a very friendly individual who made me feel at ease, straightaway.
    Every appointment, Ellie prepares the skin thoroughly to ensure any potential discomfort is minimized and during the treatment she communicates to ensure that I am comfortable.

    To me personally, it is very important that I trust the technician who is treating me and I can unreservedly say, Ellie Salami has made my previous ordeals I have had in other clinics, almost a distant memory! Ellie’s knowledge and approach has made me review what other treatments are possible for my skin, which I previously thought were not suitable!

    Furthermore the clinic as a whole seems to be run efficiently and appointments are generally to time. Also the literature available is extensive, both onsite and online.

    I would be happy to recommend Brigstock Skin Laser Centre as being a suitable and safe treatment centre where high professional standards are met.”

Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre, South London's leading medical skin clinic

Only the very best doctors with a specialist interest in dermatology practice at our clinic, ensuring you receive the very highest standards of clinical care. We offer you a full range of the very latest aesthetic and clinical skin treatments including: virtually pain-free laser hair removal; ILP hair removal; skin rejuvenation; facial wrinkle reduction injections; dermal fillers; minor surgery; private dermatology doctor’s appointments; Obagi Skin Therapies; laser tattoo removal, micro needling/ dermaroller; non-surgical lipo-reduction; wart, mole and cyst removal; treatments for excessive sweating

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