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  • Latest Patient Satisfaction Survey 2013

    Latest Patient Satisfaction Survey 2013

    We always love to know how we’re doing here at Brigstock and we’re just as proud to show the results of the latest patient satisfaction survey, as filled out by you! Question Satisfaction 1 How was the appearance of the clinic’s physical facilities? 94.34% 2 How was the appearance of the clinic’s equipment? 95.64% 3

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  • Deborah Knight

    Fantastic results – The best thing I ever did, Soprano Hair Laser removal is highly effective and completely pain free.

    The Brigstock Skin and Laser centre is exceptionally professional and very welcoming.

    I was very apprehensive when I went along for my first appointment but I was soon put at ease by Varsha the member of staff who carried out all my treatments. Varsha took time to explain exactly how it would work and put my mind completely at ease as i felt total confidence in her knowledge and abilities.

    Varsha is totally adorable and I can only recommend her to anyone who is considering Laser Hair Removal treatment which i consider to be worth every single penny,

    Thank you very much for such a total professional and effective service.

  • Tanya

    Testimonial_Tanya_1“I found the laser hair removal technique to work wonders. My hair was always coarse and grew back quickly prior to the treatment, but with just one laser session I noticed a vast improvement. Many hairs did not grow back again and there was a marked reduction in growth. The actual treatment was comfortable, pain-free and I felt at ease. Now I don’t have to worry about waxing or shaving which was a burden, and I can wear what I want without worrying about any unsightly hairs, which has also made me confident and less self-conscious. I was initially sceptical as I’ve heard stories about the treatment not working properly, but having experienced it for myself, I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting hair-free skin.”

  • Sadaf

    Testimonial_Sadaf_1(1)“Having done some research before hand I was still unsure of this new “pain free” laser treatment. After having a consultation with the Doctor and having all my queries answered I felt satisfied enough to go ahead and was very much surprised, it does exactly what the label says: its pain free! Being pain free I could carry on with my day as normal. This service is brilliant for Asian and darker skin types.”

  • Joanne

    Testimonial_Joanne_1“I was fairly nervous on my first visit to the Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre as friends had mentioned how painful laser hair removal could be. I was obviously drawn to the fact that Brigstock offered ‘pain free’ treatment but I still had a few reservations. These were dispelled immediately by the very professional medical staff. I had not realised that the clinic was actually a proper doctors surgery and registered as a small hospital for private treatments. After the consultation and test patch I felt totally confident and relaxed. The sensation of the laser was similar to having goosebumps and now after a few treatments I have legs as smooth as a baby and i don’t ever have to worry about hair removal again. Fantastic!”

  • Jasmine

    jasmine“Before my first consultation, I was very apprehensive – my sister, who has experimented with various hair removal techniques had been scaring me all week telling me how painful her laser treatment elsewhere had been. But I decided to give it a go as the initial appointment was free and offered a patch test with no obligation to continue with the treatment.

    Once I arrived at Brigstock Skin & Laser Centre I was greeted by the friendly reception staff and the welcoming atmosphere. I was seen promptly, and all my fears were put to rest when the procedure was explained to me and the patch test carried out. I can’t wait to complete my course of treatment and not worry about the time and money that I had been spending on the traditional non-permanent methods of hair removal – this is definitely money well spent; I’ll never have to book another painful waxing session again! I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone, male or female, who struggles with unwanted hair; having seen the results, and my confidence boost, many of my friends and relatives have already signed up – needless to say my sceptical sister was the first in line.”

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