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Zoom boom sees demand for aesthetic treatments soar 

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According to most aesthetic practitioners, demand for medical aesthetic treatments has shot up since the beginning of the Lockdowns in March last year.

Medical aesthetic practitioner representative organisations like Save Face and cosmetic clinics around the world are reporting a rise in inquires and treatments since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s thought that the increase in video conferencing and the ability for people to sit out their downtime from home or behind a face covering has encouraged more people than ever to undertake treatments. As a result, it’s being dubbed the “Zoom boom”.

For example, the makeup artist Catherine Dudley-Bacon went on record recently in a BBC interview explaining the reason she decided to get treatment was to “feel more confident”.

Catherine has over the past year held most of her client consultations over video due to the Covid restrictions.

After spending her whole career focusing on her client’s looks, she explained that since the start of the pandemic she has become more aware of her own appearance after seeing her face in video calls every day.

“Sometimes as you get older, your lips thin out so I usually like to have filler in the lips, but I prefer the more natural look for myself and wrinkle-reducing injections to smooth out the skin,” she said. “People have lost their confidence.”

“When you feel you look great, I think it oozes in you as a person and if it makes you feel nice, why not have it done?

“When I’ve had family quiz nights and I’ve not got a full face of makeup on you are like ‘Woah, ok, I am seeing myself on Zoom’ and you feel more confident when you have had that work done.”

Dr. Nilu the lead practitioner from Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre, said she was amazed at the increase in demand for treatments, particularly from clients who have never had treatments before.

“Here at the clinic, we’ve had to invest in new Laser machines and clinic space to accommodate the demand.”

“The really odd thing is that we all expected demand for treatments to drop as people focussed on other health issues – but it’s actually been the complete opposite as we’re never been busier.”

“There’s been a lot in the international press about this “Zoom Boom”. It seems that these video meetings are making people a lot more aware of aesthetic features they can now easily sort out.”

“A lot of our clients tend to be older professionals who are not as used to seeing themselves on screens in quite the same way as the current selfie generation. Many clients are also realising that the lockdowns and the higher tier restrictions are the ideal time to undergo treatments that require longer downtimes like the more intense chemical peels. They can also hide marks from minor surgery like threadlifts and mole removal under face masks too.”

Ashton Collins director of Save Face said: “We were stunned actually. We were setting ourselves up for a really quiet few months of not having that many engagements with patients or practitioners.

“Waiting lists are humongous and – like with the last recession – this is one of the industry sectors that is almost recession-proof. The demand is greater than ever.”

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