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Will my skin become bad again if I stop using Obagi?

So you’ve had a great experience using Obagi Clenziderm to help clear up your acne, which is excellent news. But what happens when you stop using the product?

Obagi Clenziderm overview

Obagi Clenziderm is a specially formulated 3-step treatment most commonly used for acne prone skin. Using clinically proven ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid that help treat acne at the root, it can help provide a clearer, healthier-looking complexion from the inside out.

When used correctly, the system:

  • Penetrates to reach bacteria in the pores
  • Proves effective in treating mild to moderate acne
  • Helps prevent future breakouts

How does it work?

  • The benzoyl peroxide in the Therapeutic Lotion is uniquely formulated to target Propionibacterium acnes also known as P. acnes—the bacteria that causes acne. This bacteria is found deep in the pores, making it difficult to reach.
  • The lotion is backed up by other products to create a supportive system to manage acne effectively, including a light cleanser containing 2% salicylic acid to clear up the acne, and menthol to calm and soothe irritated skin, and pore therapy to help unclog pores and leave your skin feeling refreshed.
  • Ongoing use of Obagi Clenziderm will help to control acne by reducing the oil and bacteria on your skin, keeping your pores clear of dead skin cells.

It usually takes several weeks, sometimes longer, to see the difference, but eventually your skin should become clear and healthy-looking.

This is when some people simply stop using the products.

What happens if I stop using it?

Hopefully your skin will be beautifully clear of acne and remain that way. But the reality is that acne treatment medications don’t cure acne or stop the underlying reasons for acne. Rather, they are a way of controlling these factors, and preventing acne breakouts.

So you may find that your acne returns. Don’t panic, because this actually proves that the system is working.

If your acne is moderate or severe we recommend consulting your GP, as you may need antibiotic medication.

So do I have to start using all the products again, forever?

It could be worth considering continuing to use some of the products to help ensure your acne doesn’t return. In some respects you will need to see what happens and work out what is best for your particular condition. For example, you could try using the Therapeutic Lotion which contains the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide every other day.

What is the best way to manage my acne?

The full Obagi Clenziderm System is only available with a prescription and you will need a skin consultation before you can commence treatment.  During the consultation you can ask questions so you are fully prepared for the treatment, which may cause dry skin and flakiness at the beginning.

You should feel confident that your clinic will provide support while you’re using the system, including giving free advice on reducing the use of any of the products, if this is what you want to do.

Choose your clinic carefully, paying particular attention to results guarantees, quality certification and the experience of the technicians. Reviews can be helpful when you’re deciding where to go for treatment.

For comparisons you can use Brigstock Skin & Laser as a benchmark – we are proud of our experience and commitment to our clients! If you live in our area, please feel free to make a free initial appointment to discuss your acne and our treatment recommendations. You can do this online or by calling 020 8683 6730

Find out more about Obagi Clenziderm and how it can help your acne by watching our video

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