When is the best time to start laser hair removal treatments so I look my best in the summer?

To decide when you should start you may need to do a little maths! Here’s why.

For many people, hair removal coincides with the warmer weather when we start to show our skin a little more, particularly our legs and underarms. And of course for holidays when we may become conscious of the dreaded bikini line!

Some people reach for the razor, hair removal cream or home wax. But others think that going a more permanent route is a better idea.

If that’s you, then NOW is the time to start booking your laser hair removal treatments, not in five months’ time.

You may think that you’ll only need one or two  treatments to achieve the hair-free look you’re after. But in fact, it usually takes between 6 and 8 sessions to really get the results you want.

This is where the maths come in!

Hair follicles generate new hairs in a continuous cycle of growth and shedding, and the laser light needs to be applied during the growth stage when the follicles respond to the laser. So you need to wait between 4 to 8 weeks between treatments. This wait can be slightly less for facial hair and your technician will explain the best interval depending on where you’re having the treatment and your particular hair type.

So here we go. Maths.

Say you needed 6 sessions with a 6 week interval between them. That adds up to 36 weeks. Which equates to 9 months. So work out where we’ll be 9 months from now and you’ll see that the sooner you start your laser hair removal, the better!

In truth, if you’re wanting bare legs well before that then don’t panic. Because you will see good results in hair reduction earlier so you’ll be holiday-ready for the summer. But you will need to continue with your treatments to ensure that the hair reduction is as permanent as possible. After that, you may need top up sessions, but these are generally only needed once or at most twice a year.

Top tips when you’re planning your laser hair removal for your holiday:

  • Ideally, avoid exposure of the treatment areas to the sun. If you cannot cover up your treatment area, a sunblock with at least SPF 30 is recommended – even if it’s not sunny! If your skin is already tanned, you’ll need to wait around four weeks for your appointment (and during that time, remember to cover up).
  • UV tanning beds should not be used for at least four weeks before your treatment. If you do use these, there is a risk that the laser may burn your skin. It might not sound obvious, but fake tan is best avoided too. If fake tan isn’t completely removed before your laser treatment it can have negative consequences.

There are of course other reasons for hair removal which don’t have anything to do with looking good for summer, for example PCOS or if you are naturally hirsute and find this affects your confidence. If this is the case, then you can start hair removal anytime – but remember to keep out of the sunshine or use a good quality sunblock.

How to be confident that your treatment is the best available

There are so many clinics and technicians offering laser hair removal but they are not all offering the same treatment. Key to the effectiveness of treatment is the laser machine and the experience of the technician. So before you book, make sure the machine is one of the most up to date models. Older machines can take considerably longer – up to twice the time of a newer machine. And a skilled, experienced technician will get the very best out of the machine they are using so you get the results you want. Don’t forget to look for a results guarantee!

Brigstock Skin & Laser has the latest Soprano machines to provide effective, pain-free treatments. Our technicians have many years of experience between them. You can read about them here and also check out our hair removal reviews.

Sample costs for most frequent summer-ready treatments

Single treatment Super Seven*              Single treatment pay as you go

Half leg             £149                                                     £209

Full leg             £209                                                     £293

Bikini                £79                                                      £111

Underarm         £79                                                      £111

*Brigstock Skin & Laser Clinic’s Super Seven Selection is a great way to save money – because when you book seven treatments, you only pay for five! And you can be confident that these are amongst the most effective treatments around.

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All details and prices accurate at time of publication. For up-to-date prices, please click here.

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