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What to look out for in guarantees for laser hair removal treatment

Having laser hair removal treatments is an investment for you financially. The last thing you want is for this investment to be a waste of money.

In an ideal world your treatment will leave you hair free, with the result that you wanted at the start. But if this doesn’t happen and you don’t receive the results you were expecting, do you have any rights?

Some – though not all – clinics provide a guarantee. Here we look at what these might work.

What is a price guarantee?

A price guarantee may sound attractive but it’s important to remember that this type of guarantee won’t ensure you will spend less money. This is because when you buy a laser treatment package you are not buying a product. Instead, you are buying a treatment service and the results this service will deliver.

So if these treatments don’t deliver the results you were hoping for, it doesn’t matter if they were the cheapest available – your hard-earned cash will have been wasted. And without satisfactory results you may need to purchase additional treatments to achieve the desired results.

Ultimately this means you could actually be spending a lot more money than you originally anticipated!

Is it actually possible to guarantee results?

With laser hair removal, so long as you follow the treatment guidelines you have been given with regard to the frequency of sessions, preparation including shaving and avoiding real and fake tanning you should see a measurable improvement within the time specified by the clinic. At Brigstock Skin & Laser we believe this should be at around 18 weeks.

Like any guarantee, it is critical that you follow the advice you are given to ensure that the guarantee will be honoured. You can read more about treatment guidelines here.

So how does a guarantee work?

If you have followed the treatment plans and guidelines you have been given and you haven’t seen any results in hair removal in the stipulated timescale, then your clinic might offer to treat you for free until you do see changes.

In this case, make sure you both agree another timescale for results to be seen. Then if after this time you still don’t see results, the clinic may offer a full refund of your fees.

Does every clinic have a guarantee in place?

In an ideal world, every clinic should provide a guarantee, as this is evidence of their confidence in the expertise of their technicians and the effectiveness of the machines used.

However, different clinics have different policies, so you should check what a clinic states about results guarantees before you sign up for a course of treatments.

Are there any other guarantees?

A clinic should guarantee to be honest about the results you should expect from your treatments. If your particular hair or skin type is going to need more treatments, or if the clinic feels the results won’t be as good as you hope for, then they should tell you this before commencing treatment.

At Brigstock Skin & Laser, our guarantee also includes our promise for a personalised approach, use only of proven treatments, ongoing advice, and complete confidentiality.

You are welcome to look at our guarantee so you can compare this with the clinics you are considering, and please feel free to check out reviews from our clients to see what they say about us.

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