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VISIA esthetician patient consult RGB

Are you worried about skin damage but just don’t know how to correct it? Are you even sure if you are using the right skin products for your skin type?

Brigtock Skin and Laser’s free VISIA multi spectral skin analysis provides you with objective measurements of your skin’s surface and sub-surface conditions enabling you to understand the treatments your skin needs to look its best.  The VISIA provides you with London’s most advanced skin and complexion analysis. Focusing on eight key skin features to determine the overall condition of your skin, the VISIA provides a quantitative analysis of the signs of aging. Identifying skin damage not visible to the human eye enables you can correct the unseen damage before it even appears.

During your skin and complexion analysis the VISIA will determine your skin’s condition and age. An aging simulation will also be performed allowing you to understand how your wrinkles and blemishes will develop over a 5 to 7 year period. The VISIA also simulates how you skin might look if these conditions were corrected. At the end of your consultation you will be provided with your bespoke VISIA report of your skin and complexion analysis. Your report includes customised professional recommendations of treatment options so that you can get the skin you can be proud of.

Brigstock Skin and Laser centre is South London’s leading Skin clinic and is offering you south London’s most advanced skin and complexion analysis. Your free VISIA analysis will provide you with a diagnostic report that measures your:




Evenness of skin tone

Bacteria in your pores

Sun damage

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