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How would you like to regain, super soft, radiant-looking skin? If you’re looking to improve the overall health and looks of your skin, you might like to consider using the Obagi products and topical prescriptions.

These complex products are dispensed from Brigstock Skin & Laser by our highly trained technicians and clinicians who have been awarded the Obagi Ambassador status as a result of the extensive training they have undergone. This ensures you achieve the very best results from these topical treatments.

These amazing products produce some of the most profound transformations in our client’s skin (click here to read and watch some of our client testimonials), with long-lasting results that are easy to maintain.

Whether it is acne, melasma (dark patches), fine wrinkles or open pores these versatile products can restore your skin when administered by experienced technicians and clinicians with ongoing regular check-ups.

The even better news is that all our consultations – whether virtual or in-person – are free. What’s more your results and satisfaction are guaranteed!