The pencil effect – how to make sure your hair removal areas are fully treated

Why your laser hair removal treatment areas are marked out in white pencil!

What areas can be treated?

Many areas of the body can be treated for laser hair removal, so long as the hair has enough pigment to attract the light of the laser.

Different clients want different areas of the body treated. Some of these are smaller areas, such as upper lips, chin, armpits and bikini line. Other areas can be quite large, including full legs, full arms, stomach, back and chest.

For smaller areas ensuring that the laser has treated everything it can is pretty straightforward. However, more care is needed when treating a larger area.

How is this done?

When you have hair removal from a larger area of skin your technician will usually mark your skin with a white pencil.

These pencil marks form a grid and will help the technician to keep track of the treatment. By following the lines up and down or side to side, the technician can be sure that they have covered every part of the area being treated.

Will it hurt?

No, your technician won’t be using the type of pencil you used at school! This is a much softer pencil, like the Kohl pencils you might use as eyeliners.

Why do you use white pencil rather than black pencil, pen or marker?

Black attracts light energy and in a worst case scenario could even cause burns to the skin.

Is the white pencil used for anything else?

A white pencil may also be used to cover moles to protect them from the laser light.

Will the marks come off?

Yes, the technician will remove the marks for you once the treatment is finished.

Will this guarantee the result?

The results you receive from your treatment won’t depend on the artistic skills your technician has with a pencil! They will be as a direct result of your technician’s experience and expertise in laser hair removal.

However, a good clinic will offer to guarantee your results (pencil or no). This is because they are confident about the results they expect to deliver. Check out what a clinic’s policy is before you book your initial consultation – and take a moment to look at their reviews too.

If you would like to look at Brigstock Skin & Laser’s testimonials which explain why clients are satisfied with the results we have achieved for them, please click here. You can also discuss laser hair removal on any area of your body – large or small – with the Brigstock team by calling us on 020 8683 6730 or clicking here to ‘pencil in’ your free consultation.

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