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 1. With Brigstock Skin and Laser, your treatment results are GUARANTEED…or your money back

You will see dramatic and measurable improvements in your skin within 18-weeks of beginning your bespoke treatment plan or you will receive your treatments for free or your money back.

We only provide you with the most effective treatments available that are tested and proven, so you know when you become a Brigstock client, you WILL get results. Whether it is in terms of hair reduction, resolving pigmentation problems, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, scar removal or any one of our treatments. If you follow our treatment plans and follow the advice we give you … and you are not satisfied and cannot see results by the 18th week, we will treat you for free until you do. If after a further 18 weeks, following our treatment plans and advice, you have still not seen any results, we will refund you your fees.

2. You are GUARANTEED only the truth about your skin…

…and what you need to do to be proud of your skin. Your skin is a direct reflection of your internal health and we guarantee the results of your treatment by taking a holistic approach to you and your skin and the changes you may need to make.

When you become a client of Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre your clinicians and clinical technicians ensure you have access to the right advice and treatments to become truly proud of your skin. They will monitor and coach your progress and when necessary be the “unreasonable friend” and skin mentor you need to achieve truly spectacular results with your skin.

3. You are GUARANTEED regular on ongoing “skin education”…

Through our regular education events, one to one consultation’s and regular newsletter updates about how maintain healthy youthful looking skin.

Your clinicians and clinical technicians will guide you with proven treatments and advice designed to give you a flawless, beautiful radiant skin. Not only will you be able to unlock the true potential of your skin, you’ll be equipped with the treatments, maintenance programs, make up and advice about your general well-being to get your skin into the condition you are seeking, with the whole Brigstock team by your side.

4. You are GUARANTEED complete confidentiality…

The patient/clinician relationship demands the very highest standards of patient confidentiality. All our staff and clinicians are regularly trained to ensure they maintain these exacting standards of confidentiality because of the intimate and personal nature of many of the treatments provided by the Centre.

The Centre’s information governance standards comply with all the legal statutory requirements but go further by also complying with the confidentiality model. This ensures that we PROTECT your information. INFORM you of how your information is used. PROVIDE CHOICE in the way your information is used or disclosed. And always look for ways of IMPROVING these requirements.

5. You are GUARANTEED a personalised approach to your unique skin…

You and your skin are unique. Because you are relying on our experience in working with all aspects of dermatological care, you can be assured you will have a clear understanding of the nature of any treatment program we recommend, and that your expectations will be properly managed as to anticipated outcomes and results.

6. You are GUARANTEED only proven treatments…

Our treatments are designed to ensure you get the skin you desire, with complete access to our full range of treatments, advice and educational tools …
Not only will you be shown a number of systemised ways to successfully treat your skin, you will also have complete and exclusive access to the clinics team of leading dermatology experts, clinical technicians and clinicians.

7. You are GUARANTEED to be shown how…

…to manage your skin with personalised maintenance programs, routines and your bespoke treatment care pathway. By following our treatment plans and the advice we give, you will achieve healthy radiant youthful looking skin.

With the centre’s latest diagnostics we ensure that regardless of what it is you want to achieve with your skin, you will learn how to look after your skin, what products you should use on it, what lifestyle choices you can make and what treatments work best for your skin. This holistic approach ensures you know how you can become truly proud of your skin.

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