Summertime and the living is easy…

…or so the song goes. Summer is finally here and as we’re all enjoying the warm weather and extended sunlight hours thought should be given to our skin’s health.
Brigstock Skin & Laser Centre’s very own Dr Nilu Vajpeyi writes…


After a long winter, the return of the sun and its associated health benefits are very welcome. In particular the production of vitamin D through the skin’s exposure to Ultra Violet B (UVB) light at this time of year provides numerous health benefits including improved bone health. There is also evidence to suggest it can protect against some cancers and help people who suffer from chronic diseases like eczema and asthma.

Obagi_sunshield_smallBut whilst increased Vitamin D is welcome, sun exposure can also damage our skin. In addition to painful sunburn the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight can prematurely age the skin. This can include pigmentation problems, fine lines, wrinkles, open pores and eventually a number of different types of skin cancer.

One of the ways to avoid this type of sun damage is to use a good sun block. UVA light is present even in the winter months, is able to penetrate windows and is responsible for most of the damage to your skin. This is why I recommend that all my patients wear a good sun block all year round as part of their daily skin care regime, even if they are not spending much time outside in direct sunlight.

Most sun blocks can be very thick and greasy and are not suitable for everyday use or with make-up. Obagi manufacture a range of sun-blocks that overcome these problems. They are easy to use as part of your daily skin care, can be worn with make up and provide excellent UVA protection. This makes it easier to incorporate sun protection as part of your daily skin routine, ensuring protection from the damaging effects of UVA exposure.

As summer is finally here, Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre is offering a 15% discount on all its Obagi Sun-block products this month; helping you to protect your skin. Call us for more details.

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