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    Why did Priyanka Chopra choose to champion Obagi skin care?

    Why did Priyanka Chopra choose to champion Obagi skin care?

    So why did Priyanka, named by Time Magazine one of the 100 most influential people in the world, choose to become the new face of Obagi skin care. The answer can be found in her commitment to diversity and inclusion and Obagi’s focus on different skin types. Indeed, as Priyanka points out in a recent interview “Each individual product has been tried and tested on all six Fitzpatrick skin types, as opposed to just one particular skin type. That makes you feel included.”

    The Fitzpatrick Scale numerically classifies skin types by the way each skin tone responds to UV light and is used by dermatologists when determining appropriate skin treatments. Obagi have been using this in the development of their products for the past 30 years. As Priyanka points out “Most high-end, luxury products are not made for people of colour, so why the hell are we buying creams for ‘all skin types’?”. This is important, as many Brigstock Skin and Laser clients have found, it is only by focusing on the right products and application techniques tailored for you and your skin type that you achieve truly outstanding results.

    It was when Priyanka first moved to Los Angeles and experienced “crazy breakouts” that she was first introduced to Obagi. Other stars like Drew Barrymore, Alicia Keys, Sofia Carson and Ayesha Curry had already come forward as fans of the band. And so it was after having her skin analysed and following the prescribed treatment protocols recommended by her dermatologist that she began to see her skin transform before her eyes. At that point, Priyanka says “I wanted to be associated with the brand because I could turn around and say the products will work with full faith and confidence.”

    After experiencing the same transformation in her skin that most Obagi users experience Priyanka agreed to be part of Obagi’s SKINCLUSION initiative. This campaign aligns closely with Priyanka’s interest in diversity and inclusion and is designed to raise the global dialogue about diversity and how we make conscious choices to see the beauty in all our differences. “The Obagi SKINCLUSION initiative is very close to my heart because it aligns with my values and personal experience,”. Priyanka goes on to add, “The initiative supports the idea that we should be more conscious about everything we do, including how we address the automatic assumptions we make about others based on their skin tone. We all have unconscious bias, and it’s up to all of us to recognize it and be the change we want to see in the world.”


    Obagi’s SKINCLUSION initiative also aligns closely with one of Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre’s principal aims: to help as many people as possible to be proud of their skin. If you’d like to find out how your Brigstock technician can help you to be proud of your skin or to find out how Obagi can help transform your skin call the centre on 020 8683 6730 or click HERE to request your consultation right now.

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