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Can’t wait to see a skin specialist?

If you have a skin complaint that is really bothering you, you probably want to see an experienced clinician as soon as possible to ensure it is resolved as quickly as possible. If waiting to get and appointment with your GP and then waiting to get a referral from them is not something you want to consider a private appointments with one of Brigstock Skin and laser’s expert skin doctors might be something you want to go for.

All the doctors practicing at the clinic are experts in dermatology and possess a wealth of experience of working in hospital dermatology departments. Dr Lichtenstein is the clinic’s leading consultant; a Harvard graduate who lectures and presents all over the world. The clinic’s principle, Dr Vajpeyi also runs the award winning Communitas Clinics (Laing & Buisson; Independent Healthcare Awards 2013; Winner). This innovative NHS service provides community based dermatology clinics all over the South East. This level of expertise, experience and knowledge of skin ensures you get the very best treatments that your skin deserves. The clinic’s mission is to make you proud of your skin and we do this by providing you with prompt appointments, excellent customer service and a swift response to any tests you have performed.

Why Choose a Private appointment?

Our doctors specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the skin, hair and nails and are highly qualified skin specialists who are able to treat most common skin complaints.

As you don’t need to get a referral from your GP to see one of the clinic’s doctors your appointment will be a self-referral. Apart the time it can take get an appointment to see you GP there can sometimes be a delay in obtaining your referral as your GP may want to see if your skin condition clears eventually without treatment. While this can often be a sensible solution for an NHS service this approach might not address the underline causes of your condition.

NHS services also have strict service guidelines, which mean that any skin condition that is considered cosmetic will not be treated in an NHS funded service. Your only option will be a private appointment. The good news is that an appointment with one of the clinic’s doctors will probably cost a lot less than you might think. Our mission is to make you proud of your skin and we want to make that as accessible to as many people as possible.

Dr. Nilanjana Vajpeyi BSc MBBS MRCGP DPD CAP(allergy)

Before beginning Brigstock Skin and laser Centre and the Laser hair removal service Dr Nilu Vajpeyi has been working as a GP for over 10 years. Whilst transforming her current practice by almost doubling the list size in just 6 years she identified the need for high quality clinical laser hair removal in her catchment area. This and her keen interest in dermatology was the catalyst for the laser hair removal service.

Dr N Vajpeyi is a GPwSI in Dermatology and played a pivotal role in tendering for NHS Croydon’s Community Intermediate Dermatology Service contract. She has been instrumental in the set-up of this service with her focus being excellent clinical governance. She believes NHS and private patients deserve outstanding clinical care and services they can communicate with easily, closer to home.

Having completed a Certificate of Advanced Study from Imperial College in Allergy with Distinction, Dr Vajpeyi is keen to develop this aspect of both the NHS and private Dermatology services she provided; bringing care to those whose need is currently not being met in Croydon.

Dr Nadim Ni’man MD, MRCGP, PGDip in clinical dermatology

Dr Ni’man graduated at medical school in 2002 and later obtained a distinction in his postgraduate diploma in clinical dermatology from Queens Mary University London.

Recently he relocated to London from Bournemouth with a desire to practice in a more vibrant environment that offers him the opportunity to develop further within a stimulating clinical environment.

Dr. Daniel A. Lichtenstein MD, MHA, MPA

Dr. Lichtenstein is a consultant dermatologist and has held several posts in hospitals throughout the UK. He was educated at Harvard University in the US (where he has since lectured) and the Hebrew University Medical School Israel. Dr. Lichtenstein is an internationally renowned dermatologist who has published many papers and lectures all around the world. A speaks many languages including Hebrew, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Arabic and of course English.

What are the advantages?

Obtaining a private appointment with a doctor gives you the freedom to see them at a time of your convenience. Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre is able to offer next day and sometimes same day appointments.

Consultations may be longer than those provided in NHS departments and intermediate clinics and private dermatologists will also treat benign lesions and offer cosmetic advice. The most common medical conditions treated include eczema, psoriasis, acne and other inflammatory skin problems.

Surgical and medical treatment of skin cancers is also common and includes minor surgery for benign lesion excision (e.g. warts, cysts, skin tags), mole assessment, treatments for hair loss or excess, nail problems, diagnosis and laser treatments, treatment of skin and nail infections, treatments for facial pigmentation or vitiligo. Our dermatologists also advise on the best methods to reduce and reverse the signs of skin aging.

What treatments?

Doctors with a specialist interest in dermatology are able to treat the following conditions:
Recognition and management of common dermatoses:
Moles, cysts and skin lesions
Infections and infestations
Leg ulcers and gravitational disease
Drug rashes
Lichen planus
Topical diclofenac/Solaraze
Wet wraps/emollient wraps
Leg ulcer dressings
Keratolytic agents
Appropriate use and monitoring of systemic therapy
Oral steroids

The fee for a private dermatology appointment is £145, to book call 0330 555 6060