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Pigmentation problems can affect different people in different ways. Hyperpigmentation refers to various conditions where an increase in your skin’s melanin produces dark areas of skin. Hypopigmentation is the opposite of this condition where your skin is affected by light patches.

Whatever your cause of concern Brigstock Skin and Laser has an extensive range of treatments to improve your pigmentation issues. All the doctors who work at the clinic have a specialist interest in dermatology and have many years experience of working within hospital dermatology departments. Dr Vajpeyi is the clinic’s leading clinician and also runs award winning NHS dermatology services in a number of London Boroughs (Laing & Buisson; Independent Healthcare Awards 2013; Winner). This recognised experience and expertise ensures that the treatments you receive produce excellent results. Our mission is to make you proud of your skin.

The key to the clinic’s success when dealing with your pigmentation issues is the way our clinicians take a holistic approach to the treatments we provide and the advice we give you on your diet and lifestyle. For example studies have show that increasing the levels of fruit and vegetables in your diet improves our skin coloration in a way that actually makes us look more attractive.

Treatments for your pigmentation problems

The treatments we use to deal with your pigmentation problems depends largely on the type of problem you have. Reducing hyperpigmentation is important if you are looking to maintain a evenly-coloured youthful look. Your skin can become damaged over time through exposure to sunlight and result in a variety of different types of pigmented marks to your skin like for example solar lentigo, Actinic Keratosis or liver spots. You may suffer form hormonal Melasma or it could be that you would like to reduce the prominence of your freckles.

The treatment that your clinician uses to address your pigmentation problem depends upon the type of condition you are treating and the results you are looking to achieve. One of our most popular treatments for dealing with pigmentation problems is the Obagi range of topical treatments.

Obagi uses an array of active ingredients that include

  • Vitamin- C
  • Azelaic acid
  • Retinoids
  • Hydroquinone
  • Alpha hydroxy acids

In addition to these compounds Intense Pulsed Light, Photo Dynamic therapy, micro-needling and chemical peels can also be used to treat these types of condition. Using these treatments in combination enhances the results you can achieve. The experience of our doctors ensures that the way we combine your treatments makes you proud of your skin.

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