Perfect Purple Potato Mash


Sweet potato – chopped
Purple carrots – chopped
1 medium size onion – finely chopped
Knob of organic butter to taste

This crazy looking side is perfect with most meats and great for convincing the kids to eat some quality vegetables. This recipe does contain butter which is controversial as I don’t normally recommend dairy. Butter however is largely absent of the dangerous proteins BCM 7 and casein. These proteins are thought to be altered by enzymes during the churning process. A little butter on some of your vegetables is a welcome addition to their taste and contains plenty of fats and lipids that are essential for supporting optimal skin function.


  1. If you’re not able to get your hands on purple carrots this recipe works just as well with normal orange carrots although you wont achieve the same striking colour.
  2. Steam your vegetables until they are thoroughly cooked.
  3. Transfer to a suitable pan and mash, adding your butter.
  4. Serve with your accompaniments of choice.
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