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At Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre we can remove moles and lesions using a technique called Photodynamic Therapy also known as PDT.

This treatment technique removes the lesions without cutting the skin. As a result  scarring is minimal if there is any at all.

This is a major advantage as most skin lesions appear as a result of sun damage and are therefore on areas of the body that are usually exposed like the face and neck.

How does Photodynamic Therapy work?

A cream with a photosensitive chemical in it is used and this cream reacts with the abnormal skin cells when light is applied. The chemical is harmless by itself, but is activated when a specific amount of light of a certain wavelength is shone onto the affective area. This treatment kills the abnormal cells leaving the healthy skin unharmed. Treatments usually take between 3 and 4 hours.

This is because the cream that is applied to the lesion is required to be kept under a dressing for 3 hours before the light is applied

What's Involved?

PDT is carried out by a nurse during a day visit.  The first step is to prepare and mark the area to be treated. Once this is done the cream containing the photosensitiser is applied to the area. A dressing is then applied and you are asked to return to the clinic about 3 hours later.  This wait allows the photosensitiser to be absorbed and converted into the active chemical by your skin.  The cream is then wiped off, the area cleaned and an intense pulsed light is applied to the treatment area.

This typically takes a few minutes depending on the nature of the lesion being treated. The treated area is then dressed to prevent further exposure to light.  This treatment may be repeated about a week later for certain types of lesion.

What are the advantages of PDT over surgery?

PDT does not involve any cutting of the skin and as a consequence is non-invasive. As a result there is very little scarring if any at all.  This is a major advantage as most skin cancers and pre-cancers are a result of sun damage to exposed areas of the skin like the face and neck.

  • Treatment areas heal fast and provide excellent cosmetic results compared to surgery.
  • The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellent (NICE) recognises PDT as a better alternative treatment for certain cancers and pre-cancers because it doesn’t leave scars.
  • With PDT, only the abnormal cells are treated resulting in minimal or no scarring

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