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What you eat has a huge impact on the health of your skin. In fact research has demonstrated that the appearance of your skin is an excellent indicator of your general health. This is why Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre offers you the services of Claire Williamson.

Claire is an ex Magic Circle corporate litigator who decided to retrain as a nutrition and health coach. She not not only offers you advice on nutrition but coaches you through the theory ensuring you’re able to maintain good eating habits.

The busy modern lifestyle has a detrimental effect on your health. Working with busy clients like you Claire helps you increase your energy levels, eliminate cravings lose weight and improve the general health of your skin. As a result of these changes you will increase your productivity in both your professional and personal life, reduced feelings of guilt around food and you will find you have the confidence to handle social situations involving food and alcohol without going off track.

It is not a lack of knowledge around what you should or should not eat that is holding you back, but rather your ability to fit the changes in to your hectic lifestyle. Claire helps people to identify what areas of your life, diet and exercise routine are holding you back and works with you to make small achievable weekly changes to enable you to achieve ultimate overall health as well as great looking healthy skin.

Claire thinks deprivation is the fastest route to failure and aims to incorporate more whole food and healthy alternatives, such as raw chocolate, in to your diet without restricting your food intake.

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