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As a modern man you don’t want to look like a Neanderthal from the Palaeolithic period. For your work and social occasions it’s important that you present yourself as positively as possible.

More men are starting to realise that permanent hair reduction techniques are a practical way to not only reduce the time it takes you to groom yourself, but also offer a permanent solution to your unwanted and unsightly hair. Your unwanted hair can be a real hassle to manage.

Our permanent hair reduction techniques eliminate these hassles leaving you feeling confident about to way you look.

Many laser hair removal clinics refuse to treat difficult areas of your body, like the ears, because they are such small areas. Brigstock Skin & Laser Centre with its dermatology expertise is able to specialise in male laser hair removal in these difficult areas.

Also as a man you tend to have coarser hair than women and coarse hair can be more painful to remove using lasers or IPL machines.

However with our state of the art Soprano Ice Platinum machine and our dermatology expertise, we are able to offer you virtually pain free hair removal service to all men of all skin types who would like hair removed from anywhere on their body.

This has led to a recent upsurge in men using Laser and IPL hair removal techniques. The most popular techniques include:

Removal of hair from your back

Hair removal from your back

Hair removal from men’s ears

Shaping of male beards usually under the eyes where the beard becomes difficult to manage

Hair reduction to the beard area if you suffer from shaving rashes or simply find you have to shave more often than most

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