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Unwanted facial and body hair can be a significant problem if you are Asian. Other hair removal techniques like plucking, threading or waxing are not permanent solutions and you can find them to be painful.

Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre is run by Dr Vajpeyi, who being Asian, fully understands your needs as an Asian Client. We provide virtually pain free treatment to all skin types, even the very darkest, with our Soprano Ice Platinum laser machine, leaving your skin feeling beautiful. This machine is particularly suited for hair removal if you have Asian or dark skin. Most laser machines are not suitable for use on dark skin and insurers will not provide cover for clinics using other machines on dark skin (types 5 and 6) due to the high risk of burning the skin.

The Brigstock Skin and Laser Centres use the Soprano Ice Platinum laser systems to provide your virtually pain free treatments. This type of treatment is particularly suited to hair removal on Asian and dark skin types. It works by applying light energy to your hair follicles, which are coloured by melanin. This light energy is converted into heat and when enough heat is applied; your hair follicle is destroyed. Our Soprano Ice Platinum machines do this without heating the melanin in your skin, which means it is particularly suited to Asian and dark skin types with higher concentrations of melanin.

Your sensitive areas are easily treated using the IN-Motion™ technique to ensure you experience virtually no pain without the discomfort of other laser and IPL systems. Our technicians are highly trained and receive extensive training in the methodology of this technique ensuring you always stay comfortable throughout your treatment sessions.

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