IPL Hair Removal for Asian Skin

Get rid of your unwanted hair and leave your skin permanently smooth with these fast and highly effective laser treatments. The clinic’s suite of Soprano Laser Machines offers you the fastest pain-free treatment in the industry. That means you won’t have to worry about waxing, shaving or plucking ever again.

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IPL Hair Removal for Asian Skin

Eliminate the hassle of waxing, plucking, shaving or threading and get rid of your unwanted hair once and for all. Our IPL treatments work in a similar way to Laser treatments and are just as effective. In fact, some prefer IPL because there is no need to use cooling gel throughout your treatment.

Many Asian clients suffer from unwanted body and facial hair. Our IPL hair removal treatments ensure you feel confident and proud about the way your skin looks and feels.

Whether you’re looking for silky smooth skin, that fresh out of the shower feeling or just want to eliminate the hassle of other hair removal techniques.

Other hair removal techniques like plucking, threading or waxing are not permanent solutions and can be painful. Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre’s lead clinician, Dr Vajpeyi is also Asian and so has a good understanding of your needs as an Asian client. We offer you both Laser and IPL treatments for your hair removal. Both techniques offer you similar results, but with varying degrees of comfort.

In general, although our virtually pain-free laser treatment is the most comfortable treatment that we offer you, our Sharplight Formax IPL is typically able to complete your treatment sessions in about half the time. Our technicians are fully trained in both techniques and have a wealth of experience to guide you through the choices of treatment on offer.

Both treatments are suitable for all skin types, even if you have very dark skin and our machines are fully insured for skin types 5 and 6. Most insurers will not provide cover for clinics using other machines on dark skin.

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