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Repeat wrinkle-reducing injections is safe and effective says international study 

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This important study confirms that wrinkle-reducing injections are safe and that safety does not decrease over time.

Furthermore, it also confirmed that patients are generally satisfied after prolonged periods of treatment. This is great news as wrinkle-reducing injections continues to be the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic surgical procedure with more than 6 million procedures performed in the US alone.

Dr. Alastair Carruthers (member of the American Society for Dermatology Surgery) presented the results at the 2014 ASDS Annual meeting in San Diego last November. In the study 200 patients were monitored for a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 16 between 1999 and 2012.

Patients receive 5112 treatments over the course of the study and averaged 2 treatments per annum. Researchers considered the number of treatments, the facial areas treated, dosage and whether other facial treatments were administered. Patients were also interviewed during the study and asked to summarise their experience of the treatment and whether they had experienced any adverse affects.

At the conference Dr. Carruthers reported, “Self-perception of age is a simple way of judging results. We found that the longer patients were treated the younger they perceived themselves to look.”

These positive findings may be attributed to improved modern techniques and dosage. For example the dosage for horizontal forehead lines has reduced since 1999 as patients require a more gentle and natural result.

Muscle relaxing injection experts here in the United Kingdom have welcomed the research confirming that botulinum toxin type A provides outstanding results and is safe to use.

Aesthetic expert and medical doctor Dr. Vajpeyi, said “It just keeps getting more and more interesting with more and more medical applications being uncovered. As well as its extensive use in medical aesthetics we’re also able to treat a growing number of medical conditions like depression and migraines.”

“In the clinic we can also use wrinkle-reducing injections with vitamin shots in the form of a cocktail. This treatment reduces acne by inhibiting sebum production in addition to the regular wrinkle reduction effects. This also has the effect of improving skin texture. It’s comforting to read this study which shows that this enormously popular treatment is safe and that we continue to provide this treatment to our patients for years to come.”

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