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Remodel your figure with AQUALYX fat reduction injections

If you are looking for non-surgical lipo-reduction this is the treatment for you. Infiltrated AQUALYX remodels your figure or fat deposits on and around the face and body by removing localised fat that dieting and exercise just cannot shift.

How does AQUALYX work?

If you’ve tried everything; diet, exercise, fasting, but still find you have deposits of localised fat that you just cannot shift this treatment can be very effective. By injecting AQUALYX into the area you want to treat with an extra fine needle cell membranes are ruptured in a controlled process that reduces localised fat. This process is called Intra-Lipoterapia.

How you can get the best results

You will achieve the best results when you have adequate weight or are slightly overweight with local accumulations of fat. The treatment is especially effective in places such as the hips, breeches, the inner sides of the knee, where you are not able to reduce the fat deposits despite exercise and diet.

Why choose us?

We have some of the best aesthetic doctors with a specialist interest in dermatology in London. Our clinic’s principle doctor founded Communitas Clinic’s in 2007 which delivers award winning NHS dermatology services across London (Laing & Buisson; Independent Healthcare Awards 2013; Winner). This level of expertise and experience ensures you get the results you can be proud of. The clinic’s mission is to make you proud of your skin.

What areas can be treated with AQUALYX?

AQUALYX has been developed as an Intra-Liopterapia treatment that can be used on your localised fat deposits that you are really struggling to get rid of. If you have tried dieting and regular exercise hasn’t achieved the results your looking for Intra-Lipoterapia can be ideal for dissolving fat deposits on any area of your body. The following list includes popular aresa for treatment:

Double chin




Upper arms

Saddle bags

Arm pits



Prejowl sulcus

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