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Shehla Habib has been with the clinic for several years now and over that time has become part of the Obagi Ambassador program. This means that Shehla not only attends specialist training sessions on how best to use the incredibly effective Obagi products, she also attends Obagi conferences and is able to to access specialist advice where necessary. This means that your Brigstock clinical technicians always receive regular training updates and have access to the very latest techniques.

Why is this important? Well if you want flawless skin making sure your get the right advice on how to use the Obagi range of products is essential. Expert advice on how to use the products is perhaps even more important than the products themselves. Ensuring the Brigstock Technician’s are highly trained in the application of the Obagi products is one of the reasons we’re able to guarantee your results from the Obagi products.

This month Shehla talks to you about her passion for the Obagi range and how it can help you get the skin you can be proud of.

Shehla says:
“Who isn’t talking about it? Skin is often the first thing you notice about people, so it’s difficult not be concerned about it. For me, skin has always been my first priority, the first thing I think about and usually the first thing on my worry list.

Well, the first thing that used to be on my worry list. Since starting the Obagi program I’ve stopped thinking about what I was going to do with my skin, how was I going to get rid of that spot or what I was going to do about that dullness? Also because the results from the Obagi range are so evident and the rage is so comprehensive I don’t need to worry now about what products actually work.

Since discovering Obagi Skin Care, I’ve never looked back and it is this enthusiasm for it that led to my appointment as one of the UK’s Obagi Ambassadors. I have always looked after my skin but with age I noticed things slowly creeping up and conditions which I didn’t suffer with in my teenage years, starting to show. Fortunately, having discovered Obagi my concerns turned into relief knowing I can confidently deal with the problems really effectively.

So, what is Obagi? If your Brigstock technician hasn’t already spoken to you about it, Obagi Skin Care is a uniquely, powerful and effective treatment for skin health restoration. It doesn’t matter what your concerns are, there is an Obagi product to suit everyone. From targeting your specific problem areas or conditions or to just maintaining and improving your skin, you will always find a solution for your skin within the Obagi product range.

What I love about Obagi is that it has proven results, because it doesn’t just treat the epidermis of your skin (the very top layer) as many over the counter products do; it penetrates right down to your Dermis (deeper layer of your skin) to target the problem at its root. So you are then, in effect, dealing with the issue before you even realise it could be becoming a problem.

Finally I’ve discovered something which delivers the results. A range I can confidently use to target specific problematic areas and conditions and products which I completely trust. So, if you are thinking about a skin care regime or concerned about how to deal with a problem give the experts at the clinic a call today to find out about an Obagi program tailored to your skin.”

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