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Bharti Dholakia has been a client of the clinic for over a year now and has agreed to provide this month’s star client testimonial. Bharti has experienced dramatic improvements in her skin over the past year as you can see for yourself in her interview below.  It is so heartening to speak with such a lovely client who is so pleased with the results the clinic has been able to achieve and to hear what a positive effect this has had on her confidence and the way she now feels about herself.

BSL: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Bharti: My name is Bharti.  I’m 59 years old. I work as a civil servant and I’m a grandmother with another one on the way and I have two children.

BSL: Congratulations!

Bharti: I actually know the clinic from being a patient of the GP surgery when Dr Ravi Vajpeyi ran it before Dr. Nilu took over. We moved away many years ago now and we had to change surgeries but that’s how I know about the clinic and Dr Nilu.

BSL: Could you tell us a how important the health of your skin is to you?

Bharti: Oh well its extremely important to me. I first came to the clinic and saw Dr Nilu about the flat warts on my face to have them removed and have since then also been using Obagi which is absolutely fantastic.  I had some sun damage and melasma on my face and the Obagi has been so effective on this. I still have some melasma but it is so much better that it used to be.  I tell all my family now the only thing I want for my birthday, Diwali, and Christmas is Obagi.

BSL: So you knew about the clinic from when Dr Nilu’s mother Ravi Vajpey used to operate the GP surgery from the site, but how was it that you found out about the Skin Centre and the services that we offer from there?

Bharti: Well it was when I decided that I wanted to get the warts removed from my face. I did a search and Brigstock came up and I thought perfect.  So, I booked in to see Dr Nilu and she treated the warts and then after that I went on to the Obagi and the results have been wonderful. I’m so pleased with it.

BSL: What particularly attracted you to this clinic rather than any other clinic?

Bharti: The main reason as I explained earlier was although Dr Nilu has not been my GP, she’s my mum’s GP, my brother’s and my dad’s; who passed away now. She was my family’s GP. She’s still my Mum and Brother’s and I’d actually met her a few times and I really liked her and so I thought yeah. And that was the reason. That was the main reason actually. That was why I chose Brigstock.

BSL: What was the first treatment that you received at the clinic?

Bharti: You know I had these warts. What are they called, Seborrheic warts? I’ve forgotten, but yeah I had a lot of them on my face. So, I had them removed with Dr. Nilu. And her face looked amazing. So I said to her you look amazing. And she briefly told me about Obagi, so I thought OK. This was in July last year I came to see her and I thought it’s going to work out so expensive. So, I tried to put it off and put it off, but then by March this year, I thought, no I need to do something about this face of mine. The melasma was pretty bad. So yeah I think vanity got the better of me, but I feel so much better since I’ve started using. My confidence level has risen a lot.

BSL: I think if we’re all honest we’ve all got a degree of vanity within us.  It’s only really a problem if it becomes excessive and as you get older you become aware of these things and that you can actually do something about them.

Bharti: That’s right; especially because it was all on my face. You know little warts on my face and my neck. And then melasma, you know, which was pretty bad. So, yeah I thought, I need to do something about this.

BSL: What was your favourite treatment you received at the clinic and how would you describe the results from that?

Bharti: I’ve only had two treatments. I’ve had my warts removed with Dr. Vajpeyi and I’ve no complaints about that and then Obagi. And I don’t have any complaints about Obagi either. So I’ve only had two treatments I don’t even know what other treatments are available. I’m really pleased with the two treatments I’ve had.

BSL: How would you describe the clinic to somebody who is considering treatments to their skin; somebody who doesn’t know the clinic at all?

Bharti: I would say to them that it is simply amazing. I’ve no complaints whatsoever. You know it’s all positive. I would just say simply amazing. The staff are wonderful and I’ve been so happy with the treatments.  The only downside is all the money I’m spending.

BSL: But it’s all worth it I hope?

Bharti: Oh yes of course. It’s fantastic. It really is. Yeah. You know there is only one word and that is amazing.


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