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How this one aesthetic hack enhanced Judy Murray’s results

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You may have read about Andy Murray’s mother and tennis coach recently because of the spectacular aesthetic results Judy Murray achieved – without surgery!

Interestingly and importantly for anyone considering aesthetic treatment the aesthetic hack Judy applied can be applied to most aesthetic treatments and conditions clients present with.

Because of the Obagi Ambassador status our technicians hold, the Obagi team in the UK shared Judy’s story and her treatment plan with the centre so that we could apply similar treatment plans with clients wishing to achieve comparable results.

Whilst Judy’s specific course of treatment will not be appropriate for all skin types is does provide a good example of how this hack can supercharge your results using complementary treatments in a bundle package. The added value that bundles provide in terms of the reduced level of investment that is required and discounts that are available also means that it is always worth considering bundling your treatments if you are looking to achieve similar spectacular results. When you consider that Judy achieved these results for just £4,500 you can start to understand just how effective this aesthetic treatment bundling hack is.

So the following is the bundle of treatments and products that were used as part of Judy’s treatment plan:

  • Obagi Nuderm Transformation System
  • Blue Peel TCA 20%
  • Microneedling and Radio Frequency

After years of working outside coaching her son and tennis star Andy, regular exposure to the sun and the damaging effects of UV light had taken their toll on her skin. Judy presented to another Judy, her clinician Dr Judy Todd, with concerns about the elasticity of her skin and her skin tone. The appearance and the general health of her skin were understandably starting to have a significant impact on Judy’s confidence.

With this in mind Dr Judy Todd devised a treatment plan which included complementary treatments that would address Judy’s issues without the need for aesthetic surgery. The reason this hack is so effective is not necessarily down to the details of the specific treatments that were used, rather it was the use of a treatment plan that used a number of treatments in combination to address Judy’s issues simultaneously.

This 3D approach not only enhances the results that are possible, it can actually be more cost-effective as less treatment is required overall and in addition, because aesthetic bundle packages are often significantly discounted as well.

If you’d like to take advantage of this aesthetic hack for yourself you can find out more about Brigstock Skin and Laser’s standard treatment bundles here or by watching the short video below. If you’re really determined to achieve spectacular results and apply this hack to its full effect you might want to consider one of the Ten Year Younger Packages which you can find out about here.

Importantly, if it is felt the specific issues your present with require a more bespoke treatment plan that can easily be worked up with your clinician or clinical technician. If you’d like to find out more click here to request an appointment or call us on 020 8683 6730. the team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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